The Kingdom is Growing

Today was exciting!  The participants came back reporting more than seven people giving their lives to Christ today!  We got to be a part of seven people’s eternities changing!  God is so good!

Del Cerro church has been humbly serving Homero and Ana Hernandez at their church, Iglesia Bautista La Roca. They gave flowers and flyers to people in the neighborhood, inviting them to a Vacation Bible Study for their kids.  The Del Cerro participants have set up and are leading the VBS in order to allow for more kids to come and hear of God’s love for them.  God was made famous!

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God is so good.  His Kingdom is growing.  Please pray for miracles.  Pray that the Lord will raise our understanding of His power.  Don’t forget to send E-couragrams!

God Bless,

Your Summer Staff

The Big Apple

It has been another hopping day here in New York City.  Today we held the gathering and took up the offering, which totaled $608.00!  How awesome that we are able to bless our church planters with that gift, but we want to reach $1,000 to meet our giving goal.  Keep up the giving guys and serve your church planters well!

DSCN9293 DSCN9286


Today we were able to catch up with two more ministry sites.  The first site was Lakeview Baptist Church and they were helping clean a local hangout spot in New York City.

DSCN9232 DSCN9233 DSCN9237 DSCN9246


We also caught up with Southbury Baptist Church and they had a tent set up in a park.   Kids came to get their faces painted, received balloon animals, and made friendship bracelets.

DSCN9253 DSCN9267
DSCN9271 DSCN9275


Keep up the good work guys!  Tomorrow we are going to catch up with our last group out in Long Island.


“When he had received the drink, Jesus said, ‘It is finished.’  With that he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.”

John 19:30

Laying a foundation

Today was the first work day for the Second Combo week here in Cleveland. We have teams stretched as far as possible over the Cleveland area. Today several of the groups were frustrated because a lot of what they were doing today was setting up for the rest of the week. Our prayer for them as a staff is that they would see the big picture of how everything will build on itself!

Be sure to check back here to see how things continue to grow as the week continues

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Be sure to send e-couragrams here!

Filled to the Brim.

Today was spent on the preparing of hearts.  The students from Central Baptist Church Round Rock, Good Community Church, North Hills Church, Del Cerro Church, and Airway Heights spent today leaning into the Lord.  After worshipping with the church plants they will be working with, the participants returned to our gracious lodging facility and went through intensive training.  The first year students attended three, one hour sessions led by Edward Paz, founder of The Movement Church in Oakland, California.  He laid out the truth of The Gospel and it’s transforming power.  The second year students attended corresponding sessions led by Dr. Lisa Hoff, a former IMB missions strategist in China and professor at Golden Gate Seminary.  In these sessions, the students discussed the Kingdom of God and our role in it.

DSCN7402 DSCN7406 DSCN7427 DSCN7432 DSCN7387

The night culminated at the Concert of Prayer, where the churches were reminded that this is all about Jesus.  The students were filled today so that tomorrow they can go out and pour into the church planters.  Pray that God would empower the students with boldness to walk in His will and to humbly serve the churches of the area.  Don’t forget to send E-couragrams to the participants.

Thank you,

Your Summer Staff

Seattle is Over:(

So, our Seattle project has come to a close and everyone is back home.

Thursday, we finished up our last day with our church planters. We finished the night with our Worship and closing celebration. We celebrated all that God had done and showed our project cam. This week we presented the Gospel 68 times, 5 people recommitted their lives to Christ, and we raised $1,012.40 to go to Generation Send.

Check out our project cam to get an idea of what our week was like:

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