American ‘nones’ open to wide range of denominations


Americans have a surprising openness to Christian churches, even those who are supposedly turned off to religion, a new survey of denominational opinions by LifeWay Research.

No matter which denomination is in the name of a church, fewer than half the nonreligious say “it’s not for me.” Their views are more favorable than unfavorable toward a wide range of faiths—Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran, Assemblies of God, and non-denominational.

Americans say colleges should still fund student religious groups that restrict leadership by their beliefs and practices


A dispute over who can lead student religious groups has left Americans uneasy, but few want to see groups punished for requiring their leaders to hold specific beliefs or practices.

A new study from Nashville-based LifeWay Research finds mixed opinions about whether student religious groups should be allowed to mandate leaders’ beliefs or, because of their religious beliefs, restrict LGBT members from leadership roles. Yet nearly 7 in 10 say colleges should not withhold funding or meeting space from such organizations.

The Gospel Project goes chronological this fall


By Aaron Earls NASHVILLE — After three years and more than three quarters of a million weekly users, The Gospel Project is changing its approach. Starting this fall, LifeWay’s newest Bible study curriculum for all ages will go through the Bible chronologically. The Gospel Project: Chronological will start from the beginning for a three-year cycle […]