Many Churchgoers Not Open about Their Faith

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. — While many Christians know Scripture proclamations such as “For I am not ashamed of the gospel . . .” (Rom. 1:16), not all churchgoers are particularly transparent or open about their faith, research reveals.

A LifeWay Research survey of Protestant churchgoers identifies “Unashamed” as one of eight attributes of discipleship that consistently show up in the lives of maturing Christians.

Being unashamed connotes a boldness to stand for one’s beliefs in conversation and lifestyle, explained Scott McConnell, director of LifeWay Research.

“There are two elements to this discipleship attribute: being unashamed of Jesus Christ around nonbelievers and showing transparency among other Christians,” he said. “This transparency is seen when a mature disciple is open to spiritual accountability and willing to share about challenges with other believers.

“When the mature disciple is among non-Christians they are consistent in character and identity,” McConnell said.

According to the survey, 66 percent of American churchgoers agree Christians should seek out honest feedback about their spiritual life from other Christians.

Churchgoers also seem to think they live out their faith in a manner that is evident to others. Just 14 percent of churchgoers agree with the statement: “Many people who know me are not …read more
From: LW Research