LifeWay’s B&H Publishing Group Launches New Children’s Book Division

5a7a3122-c246-45d7-90a1-1d4ba2273c79NASHVILLE, Tenn. – B&H Publishing Group will launch a new children’s division this fall called B&H Kids.

B&H Kids will print biblically based books and products for children, pre-teens and youth, including picture books, fiction titles, full-text Bibles and study Bibles.

Initial releases for B&H Kids include two titles with faith-based movie tie-ins and two children’s Bibles.

The Read-to-Me Toddlers Bible, available in both English and Spanish, will also offer interactive mobile apps. The 365 Day Children’s Bible Storybook is also scheduled for a fall release.

Titles with movie tie-ins include Firebird — an illustrated tale featured in the new film Unconditional (in theaters fall 2012) — and Courageous Teens, the latest in a series of products based on the box office hit movie, Courageous.

According to Selma Wilson, president of B&H, the new children’s division will “provide tools for parents to build strong connections with their kids. We want to become a trusted teaching partner for parents whenever they need biblically and theologically sound, age appropriate, engaging content.”

While initial releases will include resources for children age 4 through youth, 4- to 8-year-olds and 8- to 12-year-olds will be the main age group focus.

B&H Kids Editor Dan Lynch said, “These two age groups are where lifelong fundamentals are adopted and when the majority of decisions for Christ are made.

“B&H Kids is taking off in a big way with a strong commitment toward publishing fun and innovative content and tools to engage children,” Lynch said. “Whether it’s print or digital, a book or an app, our products will be geared to help parents and leaders interact with their kids in ways that truly make an impact, a powerful difference in their lives.”

B&H Publishing Group is a division of LifeWay Christian Resources. B&H’s print and digital releases for the trade, church and academic markets, titles include New York Times No. 1 bestsellers The Love Dare and The Vow, as well as the award-winning HCSB Study Bible.

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