‘The Gospel Project’ Draws Large Crowd, Interest at VBS Preview Events

It was standing room only at a recent unveiling of The Gospel Project for Kids.

More than 200 children’s ministers, Sunday school teachers, church leaders and volunteers learned about LifeWay’s new ongoing Bible study series during two sessions of the Vacation Bible School 2012 preview.

The Gospel Project is an in-depth Bible study designed to help participants see how the Bible tells one overarching story of redemption through Jesus Christ.

“This is a Gospel-centered resource for the entire church,” said Bill Emeott, LifeWay’s lead childhood ministry specialist.

“The Gospel Project for Kids has a three-year scope and sequence. It covers the Bible chronologically and connects all the Bible content back to Christ,” he said.

The Gospel Project for Kids features:

  • Three versions: preschool, younger kids and older kids
  • Videos to bring Bible stories to life
  • Music for all ages
  • Coloring pages for preschool and younger kids
  • Age-appropriate activity sheets
  • Low-preparation lesson plans
  • Digital or print resources
  • Discussion starter videos for younger and older kids
  • Customizable parent resources

Each lesson has options to help teachers get started when the first child walks into the room and contains all the related materials for teachers such as a Countdown Clock, the Big Picture question, a discussion starter, the Bible story (with video options) and a timeline map.

“There are a lot of parent resources in The Gospel Project for Kids,” Emeott said. “Parents will clearly be able to see what their children have learned in Sunday school or small group.

“As for leading their homes spiritually, I’ve only met a few parents who told me they don’t want to, but I’ve met a lot of parents who told me they don’t know how to,” he said. “This curriculum has several helps for parents.”

An introductory session of The Gospel Project for Kids was offered at each of the VBS preview events.

“Many people are excited about the chronological study aspect, others the Christ-centered approach,” said Emeott.

Churches were given the opportunity to sign up for a pilot project and test the curriculum’s materials for an entire month.

“We’re going to give it a shot,” said Faye Scott, children’s minister at First Baptist New Orleans. Scott signed up for the pilot project after attending Emeott’s session, which, due to limited seating, she had a difficult time getting into.

“I told them, ‘I’ll sit on the floor, I’ll stand up.’ I’ll do anything to learn more about it,” she said. “I wanted to look into this new study.

“It’s a very attractive curriculum,” she said. “Christ is interwoven into every story.”

by Jon D. Wilke, Communications Department

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