Meet a HomeLife SUPER Family!

If you and your family are doing HomeLife’s Family Time devotions, we want to hear about it! Thanks to the Davis family for sharing their story. 

Davis Superheroes

After inconsistent, complicated family time devotions last year. My husband and I resolved for the new year to do something simple enough to do on a regular basis but still with an element of fun. God brought to my mind seeing some sort of calendar about a year ago in the Homelife magazine at the library.  I got online and found the January calendar with a daily Bible passage and discussion starter at and printed it to use for dinner time devotions each night.  Simple and perfect! Then I realized it was connected to an article in the January 2013 magazine, so I went to the library and checked it out. There is a fun family time all planned out! Awesome! We had so much fun with our Super Hero night. Everyone was really creative with creating a costume. BAM! Our girls are 9 and 12 and we all loved it! We look forward to doing the family time each month. Thank you for these resources. Easy and fun…perfect family time devotions.

Kelley Davis

(A.K.A. Super Hero Name: Marvelous Maid)

P.S. Check out the scrapbook page the family made to document their Family Time:

Davis Superheroes 2

March 2013 Family Time Calendar: First Is Last

March 2013 Family Time Calendar

Download the March 2013 Family Time calendar here: March 2013 Family Time PDF

More Show Some Love Family Time Ideas

Happy Valentine’s Week! We hope you and your family are planning a fun February 2013 Family Time, if you haven’t had one already. Here are a few extra ideas to make your time special:

Tissue pom

1. Decorate with red, pink, and white tissue poms. They’re easy to make and inexpensive, but they make a big visual impact. Very festive! Check out a tutorial here: Note: If you don’t have floral wire, yarn or kitchen twine will work.

2. Play Valentine’s tic-tac-toe. Xs and Os stand for kisses and hugs, so a few twists would make for an easy Family Time activity. Check out this free printable to use with candies: Or you could make this cute homemade tic-tac-toe board with construction paper and felt:

3. Make marshmallow pops for a sweet treat. My boys aren’t big fans of chocolate, so this would be a great option for us. Here’s a cute tutorial:

4. Serve heart-shaped bacon. This tip is especially for HomeLife contributor Sophie Hudson, aka Boomama! :) If you go with a breakfast theme, you could serve this with heart-shaped pancakes and use cookie cutters to cut fruit into heart shapes ( Can’t picture what heart-shaped bacon looks like? Check this out:

5. Let love be a little messy. My boys may not be big into the hearts and flowers of Valentine’s Day, but I’m SURE they would love to make this Valentine’s Slime. (Yes, slime!) Here’s a fun and messy activity using items you probably already have on hand:

What fun activities or ideas do you have for your Show Some Love Family Time? We would love to hear your ideas. Share in the comments!


Dawn Hollomon is a minister’s wife, mom to a preschooler and teenager adopted from Ethiopia, and the editor of HomeLife.

January 2013 Family Time Calendar


Want to be more intentional about discipling your kids this year? Why not start with our Family Time Calendar? For a printable version, click here: January 2013 Family Time Calendar

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