October 2013 Family Time Calendar

October 2013 Family Time Calendar

Family Time Calendar: September 2013

September 2013 Family Time Calendar

September Family Time Calendar


It’s almost September, y’all! Since the 1st is on Sunday and it’s a holiday weekend, you may want to go ahead and print the new Family Time Calendar out and have it ready.

Also, in this month’s Family Time column, there was a suggestion for a family flag football game. In case you missed it, here are the details!

Flag Football: 

Create your own flags. Have each family member select his or her own 1½-inch grosgrain ribbon. Measure the ribbon to fit around each person’s waist. Cut and attach Velcro tabs to the belt. Cut three to four flags for each belt, and attach with Velcro tabs.

Divide your family into two teams. Mark out the field with clear boundaries and an end zone. If you have time, you can create your own field goal using PVC pipe. For detailed instructions, visit spoonful.com/sites/default/files/0906_goalpost_0.pdf.

Family Time Calendar: August 2013

August 2013 Family Time Calendar

August 2013 Family Time Calendar

Family Time Calendar: July 2013

Is it really almost July?!? Here’s this month’s Family Time Calendar, which focuses on God’s awesome creation.

July 2013 Family Time Calendar


July 2013 Family Time Calendar

Family Time Calendar: Fruit of the Spirit

I’m so sorry to be late posting the June 2013 Family Time Calendar! I normally post this the first of the month, but I was in El Reno, OK, outside Oklahoma City, with no cell phone service or Internet because of the tornados in the area. My family had little damage, but my prayers are with those who lost family members and their homes. That said, here’s the June Family Time Calendar!



June 2013 Family Time Calendar

April 2013 Family Time Calendar: April Fools!

April 2013 Family Time Calendar

Download the April 2013 Family Time Calendar here. (No fooling!)

Do you have any fun ideas to surprise your family with for April Fool’s Day? We’d love to hear them!

Meet a HomeLife SUPER Family!

If you and your family are doing HomeLife’s Family Time devotions, we want to hear about it! Thanks to the Davis family for sharing their story. 

Davis Superheroes

After inconsistent, complicated family time devotions last year. My husband and I resolved for the new year to do something simple enough to do on a regular basis but still with an element of fun. God brought to my mind seeing some sort of calendar about a year ago in the Homelife magazine at the library.  I got online and found the January calendar with a daily Bible passage and discussion starter at www.lifeway.com/homelifeonline and printed it to use for dinner time devotions each night.  Simple and perfect! Then I realized it was connected to an article in the January 2013 magazine, so I went to the library and checked it out. There is a fun family time all planned out! Awesome! We had so much fun with our Super Hero night. Everyone was really creative with creating a costume. BAM! Our girls are 9 and 12 and we all loved it! We look forward to doing the family time each month. Thank you for these resources. Easy and fun…perfect family time devotions.

Kelley Davis

(A.K.A. Super Hero Name: Marvelous Maid)

P.S. Check out the scrapbook page the family made to document their Family Time:

Davis Superheroes 2

March 2013 Family Time Calendar: First Is Last

March 2013 Family Time Calendar

Download the March 2013 Family Time calendar here: March 2013 Family Time PDF

Family Time Calendar: February 2013

Download our printable Family Time Calendar for February 2013: Show Some Love!

February 2013 Calendar

Click here for a printable PDF: February 2013 Family Time Calendar

2012 Advent Calendar: A Journey of Wonder

Use this Advent calendar to prepare your family’s hearts for Jesus’ birthday! (Download the printable PDF below.)

Download the 2012 Advent Calendar here.