Mid-Week Links: The Give Me Snow or Give Me Spring Edition

snow day sophiaOld man winter is such a tease. Three days of “chance of accumulation” turned into nothing more than a slippery sidewalk at our house. I may live in the south now, but the yankee-born side of me loves a good snow. It does not look like that is going to happen this year. So, Mr. Winter, if I can’t have a good old fashioned, reminiscent of my Ohio childhood kind of snow, then bring on Spring for cryin’ out loud!

It may not be a snow day in these parts, but it is Wednesday! That means it is time for Mid-Week Links. It really is one of my favorite days. I get to read some amazing blogs and then pass them along! I have a couple blogs today that I don’t think I’ve highlighted before. They are really good ones, too.

That’s all for today, folks. Stay warm. Love on someone. Drink some coffee for me because I ran out yesterday, forgot to buy more, and I may not make it through the morning without a nap.

Love y’all SO MUCH!


Stacy Edwards is a trucker’s daughter and a pastor’s wife. She is a freelance writer and a mom to four fabulous little girls. Stacy blogs at Servant’s Life where she uses her words to point others to the hope and encouragement found in Christ.