Mid-Week Links: The Ash Wednesday Edition

It’s Lent – the time when people choose to give up a variety of things for a specified time in an effort to focus on things more important.  Every year I intend to participate.  I intend to give up…something.

I never do.coffee

And the reason is that the things I need to give up, the things that tend to hinder my spiritual life, are not things at all.

I worry.  I cling to control.  I keep fists tightly closed in fear of losing something I think I need. I live in the midst of the what-ifs and, at the end of the day, am often disappointed with how I have spent my time.

Today, I am surrounded by reminders that we are not promised tomorrow.  I am frustrated with myself that I need these constant reminders.  After all, isn’t God’s Word quite clear on the matter?

O LORD, make me know my end and what is the measure of my days; let me know how fleeting I am!  – Psalm 39:4

All of life is fleeting.  We may not have tomorrow to do the work God has assigned to us today.  We must love and give and serve and we must do it now.  We should completely spend ourselves today knowing that, should God grace us with another day, He will provide the energy and strength for that one as well.

So, for Lent this year, I give up.  I give up on the worry that so often plagues my days.  I give up on the selfishness that makes me cling to things that are not mine anyway.  I will open my fists and allow God to give and take as He sees fit knowing that He is good and all He does is good.

Here are some great posts to help prepare your heart for Easter.

He is risen, friends.

  • Why doing lent this year is what you really need at A Holy Experience (This one has a free lent devotional!)
  • Lenten Lights at Desiring God (More wonderful devotion options to be used weekly during lent or daily during holy week.)
  • Resurrection Rolls at Women Living Well (Ever since I saw these on a blog, I have made them for my children on Easter. Love it!)
  • Perfect Iced Coffee by The Pioneer Woman (Okay, this has NOTHING to do with lent. But, if you like iced coffee drinks, you will thank me for this one. The one with condensed milk and half-and-half is de.lic.ious. You’re welcome.)


Stacy Edwards is a trucker’s daughter and a pastor’s wife. She is a freelance writer and a mom to four fabulous little girls. Stacy blogs at Servant’s Life where she uses her words to point others to the hope and encouragement found in Christ.


  1. Hi Stacy, I love your post today! My kids attend a Lutheran School and their Chapel service today was so in line with your thoughts. The Pastor asked the kids (and parents that were there) “what if we gave up things during Lent that we should give up forever, like selfishness, grumbling, worry.” I loved it. Now you are reinforcing that I REALLY need to look at this area with my kids (and mostly ME) to see where I can “give-up” and get closer to God. THANK YOU!

    • Amy –

      Thanks so much for stopping by to comment. It’s always nice to know that someone can relate to what I’m dealing with. :) Here’s to a little less worry and a lot more faith. Have a great day!

  2. Great thoughts, Stacy! Enjoy your worry-free Lenten season. :-) I’m not good at giving up stuff either so I’ve decided to add something this year. I am going to read the Bible through in the next 40 days. I’ve already read Day 1 and loved the parallels I’ve missed in more focused readings in the past.