Looking for Real-Life Dad Heroes!

Update: Thanks to all of you who have already sent your real-life dad hero stories! If you haven’t yet, it’s not too late. We’re accepting submissions until Monday, March 11th.

We’re celebrating dads in our June issue!

Do you know a dad who’s an everyday hero? Maybe he doesn’t have thousands of Twitter followers or isn’t leading a Fortune 500 company, but he’s a hero at home. We want to honor him!

Here’s the info we need:

1. Your name and contact information
2. The dad’s name and contact information
3. An email detailing why you think this dad is a hero in his home (200 to 400 words)

Share your stories at homelife@lifeway.com. We’ll contact you for more info if we choose to print your story. You may see this dad in our June issue!


  1. Monica Hughes says:

    My husband is an amazing man. He was born with a passion for the fire service. As he’s served as the Chief for the Slaughter Volunteer Fire Department for the past two years, he’s been a great inspiration to both me and our three kids. At every step of the way he has shown us what it’s like to live with conviction. He’s had to stand up for what he believes in, humble himself when he was wrong, and ultimately live with the purpose of serving others. The values he’s instilling in our children are priceless! Now if this were his only job, I’d still be proud of him. But, he also manages to have a full time job as a firefighter, part time job teaching fire related topics for LSU, and he’s completed his Bachelors and started on his Master’s degree. If that’s not enough, my husband comes home to us and still manages to spend lots of quality time with us, and finds different ways to make us feel special. I thank God every day for restoring our marriage after a one year separation. I can’t imagine anyone else loving me or caring for our children any better than he does. Oh, and did I mention that he’s a brain tumor survivor? Through every side effect the tumor has put him through, he has got ahead and trusted God to keep him going. He’s nothing short of an inspiration. Praise God for his awesome plan.