Savings Tips From Kelly Hancock

Did you the February article “Balance the Grocery Scales” by Kelly Hancock of Faithful Provisions? She offers some timely and practical ways to save on your food expenses, especially as food costs continue to rise. You don’t want to miss it!

Here Kelly shares a few more ways to save even more money and still be able to give generously:

Third-world countries will feel the U. S. drought even more than we will. Now is not the time to stop giving to world relief efforts and global ministries. What can you do so that your budget is able to handle an increase in groceries without a decrease in giving?

  • Cut the cable. – If we’re honest, we’ll admit that all of us could do with less TV.
  • Do it yourself  – Invest in a washable travel mug and make your own coffee in the morning, rather than purchasing an expensive brand name. You can also make your own pizza (see sidebar), and resolve to cook more things from scratch.
  • Put off major expenditures. – Make do with what you have for as long as you can.
  • Consignment sales. – This is the best way to save on clothes for growing kids.

This is a time to trust the Lord. When we decrease our giving during difficult times, we’re not showing the world that we trust in the Lord and His ability to care for us. As a community of faith, Christians glorify Him best when we continue on in good works, even when it’s hard. Remember the story of the widow’s mite in Luke 21? The widow gave sacrificially, without regard to her own need. When our prices rise and our budgets have to stretch, we are tempted to cut back on our charitable giving first. But in God’s economy, that’s the last thing we should do. Continuing to give during financial hardship is an opportunity to show our faith in God. It’s our chance to put our faith in action, trusting Him to work it all out for good. If we are diligent to stay in His Word every day, keeping His promises in front of us, we’ll remember how faithful He is, especially when the going gets tough.

About Kelly:

Kelly Hancock is the author of Saving Savvy: Smart and Easy Ways to Cut Your Spending in Half and Raise Your Standard of Living…and Giving! Learning to live on less than half her family’s former income was a necessity when she became a stay-at-home mom, and critical when her husband lost his job soon after. Daily, Kelly shares the principles of what she calls, “Grocery Savings,” on her cost-cutting blog,