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Today, on the blog, we are so excited to have Margaret Feinberg. Margaret ( is author of Scouting the Divine: My Search for God in Wine, Wool, & Wild Honey and Wonderstruck: Awaken to the Nearness of God—both of which have accompanying DVD Bible studies from Lifeway. You can follow her on Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter @mafeinberg. feinberg

This morning, she is answering some reader submitted questions. If you have a question, feel free to leave a comment! Let’s begin!


Question 1 from Melanie in Atlanta: When I’m in the Word, I feel that wonder. But, what are your tips for retaining that wonder throughout the daily grind of life?

Indeed, the wonders of God abound in Scripture. But the Word is meant to be a foundational, grounding point for experiencing God’s wonder throughout your every day. It’s meant to open your eyes to the reality that God is at work all around you—in creation, in friendships, in forgiveness, in the fullness of life He wants to give each and everyone one of us. That’s what Wonderstruck is all about—living the reality of a God whose name is “Wonderful.” The best tip I can give is to do the 30-Day Wonderstruck Challenge at the end of the book—those daily activities and disciplines will help you experience wonder in your every day.

Question 2 from Kelly in Nashville: I love your writing so much! Do you have another book in the works? :)

I do have another book and Bible study in the works—and while the details are still being developed, let’s just say the book will challenge us to walk in the fullness of joy and abundance and life God has designed for each of us.

Question 3 from Sandy in Virginia: When you aren’t writing…what are you reading? Who are your favorite authors?

I love reading magazines ranging from Harvard Business Review to Popular Science to the The New Yorker. When I’m not writing, I tend to watch a ton of movies and television shows and become immersed in the stories. So my favorite writers tend to be screenwriters and producers like the brilliant Aaron Sorkin.

Question 4 from Mary Ann in Tennessee: Did you ever think you would be such an influential woman in the evangelical world?

Growing up near Cape Canaveral Florida with a father in the surf industry, I thought I might grow up and be an astronaut or a surfer, but never a writer or speaker or Bible teacher—demonstrating once again that God always has big surprises up His sleeve! Though I still want to enroll in surf camp one of these days.

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  1. Thanks for the chance to win Margaret’s study!

  2. I just bought this book on my Kindle because I absolutely LOVE the title!! Can’t wait to dig in and so glad there is a study to go along with it!!