CLOSED Giveaway: The 7 Experiment Bible Study by Jen Hatmaker

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Are you ready to stage your own mutiny against excess? HomeLife is giving away a copy of The 7 Experiment Bible study by Jen Hatmaker!

The 7 Experiment

Do you feel trapped in the machine of excess?

Are you finding that more isn’t always better?

Fight back against overindulgence, materialism, and greed by joining Jen Hatmaker in The 7 Experiment. This 9-session Bible study will teach you how to stage a mutiny against excess in seven critical areas of life.

Food. Clothes. Possessions. Media. Waste. Spending. Stress.

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  1. Kelli Estes says:

    I cannot tell you how many times I have thought about the excess in my life over the past few years. I would love to have this study to do with a small group to help guide me down a Godly path toward putting action behind my need for less!

  2. Beccy Kirtland says:


  3. I’m not sure which area I find most excessive. I’m sure food, clothing and spending are all part of my current struggles.

  4. Wow! I’m sure there could be improvement in all these areas , I’m currently going through my closet so that is my first area of excess to tackle! Thanks for the offer!

  5. I am on Weight Watchers…again. So, I guess that makes my area of excess food!

  6. I would say clothes or media…

  7. Stress and media, no doubt about it!

  8. I would love to have this new study! Always looking for a great new bible study. This one seems very interesting though not focusing on the literals, but the true meaning behind some of the book :)

  9. I am almost done with the book and plan to start the bible study at my church within the next month or so. I am excited and nervous!

  10. I’d like to win this! And yes, I have found that more isn’t always better.

  11. The hardest area for me to keep in check is spending! I LOVE TO SHOP! Shopping for ANYTHING! I could go to Target and find a million things to buy that I have NO use for what-so-ever. One of the goals we are working towards this year is being content in what we have and even things we don’t have.

  12. I have been burdened over this area for some time now. I am by nature a pack rat. I also teach preschoolers which causes me to save everything! I have too much! I can’t seem to pare down! I would LOVE to do this Bible Study!

  13. Media – specifically paperwork and photos.

  14. Just started the book….I’ve been telling my friend we need the study!!!

  15. Shannon Miller says:

    Spending… hands down. Money burns a hole in my pocket. And I LOVE to buy things for my 2 kids. I see something I know they would like so I get it when they really don’t need all of these extra things I’m buying for them! I’ve been praying to be a better steward of my money.

  16. i find its so hard to keep up with emails, and laundry.. its endless at my house also keeping everything organized and in its place. but clothes is the big thing..

  17. I read the book and loved it! And would love to do as a Bible Study at church! I think even small changes in all of the 7 areas would make a BIG difference!

  18. So appropriate for today.

  19. I think media is the hardest area of excess for me. It’s everywhere! My computer, my phone, the TV… it’s easy for “just checking in” to turn into an hour-long surf session. :/

  20. Sarah Jenkins says:

    I would say spending, I have a hard time with not buying what I want. I too would say media as it is everywhere, from the moment I get up til I go to bed.

  21. Donna Earlywine says:

    This sounds like a great Bible study!

  22. Would enjoy doing this bible study!

  23. Food, definitely.

  24. Goodness, at different times each of those areas of waste have been hard to keep in check! Currently I would have to say Media.

  25. The hardest area for me is stress! I put so much pressure on myselft to be able to “do it all”.

  26. Media with stress coming in close behind it.

  27. Media, specifically internet.

  28. Stephen Q says: