Mid-Week Links: The Don’t-Miss-What-Matters Edition

We get busy. We rush about and check things off of our to-do lists. Things get accomplished and work gets done. We do a lot of good things. Yet, at the end of the day, we’ve somehow missed it. We have missed what really mattered.  We have forgotten to stop and love. We have failed to pause, look someone in the eyes and tell them that they matter.

People need to know that they are loved. They need to know that they are seen and heard. People need to know they matter.

Look around you and notice someone, today.


Hey, you. Yes, you!

You matter, my friend.

Happy Wednesday!


Stacy Edwards is a trucker’s daughter and a pastor’s wife. She is a freelance writer and a mom to four fabulous little girls. Stacy blogs at Servant’s Life where she uses her words to point others to the hope and encouragement found in Christ.