Christy Award Nominees

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The Christy Awards will be revealing the nominees for 2012 this morning! They are going to be announcing the finalists live at 11:00 a.m Eastern time. If you don’t have a chance to watch it, I’ll post a link to the nominees after they are announced.

The Christy Awards are named after Catherine Marshall, writer of more than two dozen books and is one of America’s most notable and bestselling Christian writers. Publishers can submit novels that were released in the previous year to be considered for this prestigious award.

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You can watch the keynote address by author Randall Wallace from last year’s ceremony. I was able to attend this event and had the privilege of sitting next to him during dinner. He is a riot! His address to the crowd is well worth listening to if you have a few minutes.   Randall was the screenwriter to the movie Braveheart… yes, the Braveheart with Mel Gibson.  He tells so many wonderful stories during his speech.  Check it out if you have a chance!

Oh, and when we talks about knocking over his glass on a fiction buyer around the 5:50 minute mark? That was me!  But, he didn’t get any on me… just the table!

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