Winter 2013-14: Unit 1: Session 1: Hope (12/1/13)

Scripture: Matthew 14:22-33

Grades 1-3

Introductory Activity – Whaddya Know?

  • Print each question on a large piece of paper. Leave room under the question for kids to write answers: What is a miracle that Jesus did? What is something that Jesus taught? What do you know about Jesus’ life? How do you know that Jesus is God’s Son?
  • Tape questions on walls around the room. Place markers or pencils with each question.

Tell kids to think about what they know about Jesus, His life, and His ministry. Guide them to move to one question (different kids at each question). Set a timer for 2 minutes and ask kids to write answers to the questions. When the timer sounds, tell them to move to another question; set the timer and answer that question. After two rounds, extend the time to 3 or 4 minutes so they will have time to review answers before they add to them. (Play only 2 rounds if time is limited.) Gather kids back together and review some answers as time permits. Read the Life Point and tell kids that you will learn more about how Jesus gives people hope.

Live It Out – HOPE Banner

  • Cut white cotton fabric into 6-inch-by-9-inch pieces. (You can make paper banners rather than fabric banners if you choose.)
  • Gather straws (one per child), yarn, tape, and markers. (You may want to use fabric markers, but regular markers will work as well.)

Use the Kids Activity Page to talk about miracles. Talk about how Jesus gave Peter hope in the Bible story. Talk about ways that Jesus gives hope today. Help each child tape a piece of fabric to the table or a tray. (Taping the fabric down will keep it steady during the design process.) Encourage kids to print Hope on their banners and decorate them. (Encourage kids to design banners vertically.) They can add words, pictures, and designs to the banner. When a child completes his banner design, help him remove it from the table. Lay the banner facedown and place a straw along the short top end; tape it in place. Thread a length of yarn through the straw and tie the ends together to make a hanger for the banner. As children work, talk about the hope that Jesus gives. Thank God for Jesus.

Grades 4-6

Introductory Activity – Draw It, Guess It

  • Provide large pieces of paper or dry erase boards and markers for each team.
  • Print these words on cards: boat, water, Jesus, walk, lake, storm.

Create at least two teams of kids. Choose one person from each team. Show these kids one of the words. Kids rejoin their teams and wait for your signal. When you say, “Go!”, the kids draw the word for their teams to guess. Stop play when one team guesses the word. Choose another set of “draw-ers” and play the next word. Continue until all words are guessed by one of the teams. Show all the words and tell them that today’s Bible passage includes these words.

Live It Out – Litany

  • Gather paper and markers or pencils.

Review the Life Point and Bible study content with the kids. Make a list of things that Jesus did in His ministry to give hope to people. Encourage kids to think of ways Jesus gives hope to people today. Lead kids to find Romans 1:16 in their Bibles. Read the Life Verse together.

Tell the kids that they can write a litany about Jesus and the Gospel. Divide the group into pairs or threes. Encourage each pair/group to compose sentences about Jesus based on the ideas you listed earlier. After a few minutes, call the kids back together. Print I am not ashamed of the Gospel at the top of a large piece of paper. Ask one pair/group to read a statement; add this statement to the paper. Then repeat the statement I am not ashamed of the Gospel. Ask another pair/group to read a statement; add it and the repeating statement. Continue alternating statements about Jesus and the verse statement. Read the litany together. Thank God that Jesus always provides hope. Allow the kids to copy the litany or write one of their own to take home (as time permits).



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