Winter 2013-15: Unit 1: Session 5: Renew (1/5/14)

Scripture: Galatians 2:11-21

Grades 1-3

Introductory Activity – Team Peter, Team Paul

  • Gather pads of large sticky notes and pencils.

Divide the group into two teams. (If your group is large, divide into four or six teams. If your group is small, one or two people can be a team.) Assign each team the name Peter or Paul. Give each team a pad of sticky notes and a pencil. Group teams away from each other (so they will not disturb or distract other teams). Tell teams that on your signal, they should begin listing things they know about their assigned team (Peter or Paul). One person can be the writer and write each fact on a different sticky note. Say, “Go!” and teams can begin. After a couple of minutes, say, “Stop!” Ask Team Peter to give one fact and stick it to the wall. Ask Team Paul to give one fact and stick it to a different wall (or another area of the same wall). Alternate facts until you have read them all. Tell kids that Peter and Paul are both in today’s Bible story.

Live It Out – Verse Posters

  • Provide large pieces of construction paper, markers, stickers, other art supplies, index cards, and a stapler or tape.

Lead the kids to find the Life Verse in their Bibles. Read the verse together. Tell kids they can make a poster to remind them of this verse. Guide each child to write the verse on a large piece of construction paper. Then he can add stickers, draw designs, and use other supplies creatively on the poster. When the poster is complete, give the child a few index cards. He can write verses about the Gospel (such as John 3:16 or Romans 5:8). He can staple or tape these verse cards to the edges of the poster to add more information about the Gospel. As children work, recall that God helps each person know when the time is right to trust Jesus as Savior. God gives new life in Christ.

Grades 4-6

Introductory Activity – Ball Bounce

  • Gather a beach ball.

Tell preteens to spread throughout the meeting area but not to leave big gaps between people. Toss the beach ball in the air and tell preteens to keep the ball bouncing in the air above their heads. (Encourage them to use fingertips and bounce the ball lightly to maintain the momentum.) After a minute or so, call out, “Do not bounce the ball to anyone wearing blue.” Continue for a few bounces; then call out, “Bounce to everyone.” After a minute, call out, “Do not bounce the ball to those with blonde hair.” After a few bounces, call out to bounce it to everyone. Continue “excluding” various groups. Stop the ball and talk about how people felt when excluded. Comment that the study today includes a time when someone excluded others.

Live It Out – Verse Rap

Use the Kids Activity Page to review the Bible study and the Life Point. Comment that God gives new life in Christ and that other rules are not important. Find Galatians 2:16 and read it to the preteens. Lead preteens to find Romans 1:16 in their Bibles and read it with you. Tell preteens that this verse helps us remember that Christians should be telling others about the Gospel and new life in Christ. Allow preteens to form groups of 2-4. Each group can create a rap, a song, or a poem with the Life Verse. Provide paper and pencils for them to write down their ideas. Go to each group and assist as you can in their work. When groups have completed their work (or when needed), call preteens back together. Ask groups to perform or read their creations. Thank God for the Gospel and for those not ashamed to tell about it.

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