Winter 2013-14: Unit 1: Session 4: Change (12/29/13)

Scripture: Acts 12:5-19

Grades 1-3

Introductory Activity – Teacher, May I?

Guide the kids to stand in a line on one side of the play area, facing you (on the other side of the area). Call on a child: “Joe, take two steps forward.” He must ask, “Teacher, may I?” You respond, “Yes, you may.” If he begins to take steps without asking, he must move back to the beginning line. Mix up the types of steps: giant steps, baby steps, short hops, skating steps (sliding forward), and so forth. The goal is to move the kids to the ending point (where you stand). Whenever they forget to ask, they must move back to the start line. Tell kids that they will hear a story about people asking God for something.

Live It Out – Prayer Needs Search

  • Gather church newsletters, information on ministries and prayer needs, and other information about your church or local ministries. As an option, provide a computer or tablet to access your church’s Web site.

Use the activities on the Kids Activity Page to review the Bible content and explore more about prayer. Explain that believers prayed for Peter and people today can pray for others. The first church knew about the needs that Peter had. Churches today help members know about needs within the church. Provide the information you have gathered (and look online for more information). Lead kids to list people, events, ministries, and other needs for which they can pray. Play quiet music and encourage your kids to find quiet areas of the room and pray for the needs they have identified. Offer index cards for kids to write down these needs so they can pray for them at home, too.

Grades 4-6

Introductory Activity – Word Find

  • Print these letters on pieces of paper, one letter per page: P, E, T, N, A, R, A, E, R, G, S, Y, D, L, E, K, E, S, P, H.
  • Arrange the letters in a grid pattern in this manner:
    P          E          T          N         A
    R         A         E          R         G
    S          Y          D         L          E
    K         E          S          P          H
    (If you have a Giant Game Floor Mat, put the letters in the mat.)

Give each preteen a piece of paper and a pencil. Tell them to find as many words as they can in the letter grid. They can move in any direction and can use the letters as long as the corners touch (horizontally, vertically, diagonally). They cannot repeat a letter unless there are two letters in the grid. They cannot come back and reuse a letter in the same word. Tell them to find as many words as they can. After the playing time, ask who found the most words. Ask how many found pray, prays, prayed, or prayer. Tell the kids that pray is a key word in the Bible study today. (Note that these words can be made in the grid: Peter, pray, ask, help, angel, need.)

Live It Out – Snowball Prayer Requests

Use the Kids Activity Page to help the preteens think about prayer. Talk about the church meeting to pray for Peter’s needs. Tell preteens that the church today also can pray for needs. Give out paper and pencils. Ask each preteen to write one prayer need on his paper. He does not need to include his name; in fact, tell them you would prefer that the needs remain anonymous. After each preteen has completed his need, tell the kids to ball up the paper. Divide the group into two teams; ask each team to move to an opposite side of the meeting area. Say, “Go!” Tell the teams to toss their needs back and forth to each other. After a few minutes of a “snowball fight,” tell each preteen to pick up one ball. Play quiet music and calm the room down. Ask each person to read the need on the paper and pray for that need quietly. Tell the preteens to take the ball home and pray for that need this week. Lead a prayer together, asking God to strengthen the kids this week.


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