Winter 2013-14: Unit 1: Session 3: Love (12/15/13)

Scripture: John 21:1-19

 Grades 1-3

Introductory Activity – Puzzle It Out

  • Print word LOVE in large letters on piece of paper. Use different colored markers to make several copies. (You will need one word for every four kids.) Cut the words into 4 pieces; make sure you have part of the word on each piece.

Mix the puzzle pieces and give each child a piece. Guide them to spread throughout the space. Give a signal for kids to find the others that have matching colored lines. Each group of four kids can assemble the puzzle and read the word. Tell kids that you will talk about love in the Bible study today.

To extend the game: After all the puzzles are assembled, tell kids to take their pieces and trade with someone. Then trade again and again. Keep trading until you call stop. Then the kids can find the others and reassemble the puzzles again.

Live It Out – Tic-Tac-Toe Toss

  • Create a large tic-tac-toe grid on the floor using masking tape. Mark a tossing line a short distance from the grid.

Use the Kids Activity Page to review the Bible content and Life Point. Divide the group into two teams. Teams take turns tossing a beanbag onto the grid. If the tosser misses the grid, the turn moves to the other team. When the beanbag lands on a space, ask the team a question about the Bible story. If the team gets the answer correct, they place paper with an X (or O) on the space. Teams continue to play until one team gets three in a row. You may want to change the questions to reflect some personal application by asking kids to name ways to show love to others.

Teaching Tip: If you have a large group, create two grids so more kids can play at a time.

Grades 4-6

Introductory Activity – Large Catch

Place stacks of scrap paper around the room. Guide the kids to tear fish shapes out of paper. Challenge them to tear as many fish shapes as they can. Tell them each one must resemble a fish or it will not be counted. (Make teams for competition if you choose.) At the end of the time interval, count all the fish shapes the kids made. (Or compare the counts of the teams.) Tell kids that in today’s Bible passage the disciples caught a large number of fish.

Live It Out – God’s Love Video

  • Gather a digital video camera or a device that will record video.
  • Talk with someone about how to post the video on your church’s Web site. (Or investigate other places the video could be posted online.)

Review the Bible study and Life Point. Use the Activity Page and any leader pack items to think about God’s unconditional love. Assist as the kids work in groups or pairs to write down ideas that they want to tell about God’s love. They may want to include other instances in the Bible when God showed His love. After the kids have written down what they want to say, encourage them to plan out the video. Lead the to record their video (or videos) that communicate God’s unconditional love. Post the completed video online or tell kids that you will post it after church. Make sure the kids know when the video is available for viewing. Tell them that telling about God’s love is the work of your church and all believers.


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