Winter 2013-14: Unit 2: Session 6: Why Is There Sin? (2/23/14)

Scripture: Genesis 3

Grades 1-3

Introductory Activity – Take 1, 2, 3

  • Gather 21 similar items such as coins, craft sticks, straws, paper clips, clothespins, or paper squares.
  • Make one of the items distinct or different in some way (such as mark a dot or an X on one).

Lay items on the floor or the middle of a table. Invite the kids to sit around the materials. Call attention to the one distinct item. Explain to the children that they will take turns choosing to remove one, two, or three of the items from the set, trying not to be the one who must take the distinct item. Call for a volunteer to remove one, two, or three items. Place them in a pile away from the game. Allow another child to take a turn removing one, two, or three items. Continue until one child must take the distinct item. Let that child be the first chooser for the next round. Play the game as many times as you can in the time allowed.

Pick up the game items. Say: “You had to make choices in this game. You had to choose one, two, or three items. These choices were not important choices, but sometimes you have to make important choices. Today you will learn about a very important choice: to obey God.”

If you have a large group of kids or as an alternative, gather multiple sets of items and allow kids to play in pairs or teams.

Live It Out – Obey God Drawings

  • Cut out pictures of everyday objects from magazines and catalogs (or print from online clip art).
  • Gather paper, markers, and glue sticks.

Talk about the Life Point. Lead kids to understand that Adam and Eve had a choice. They could have chosen to obey God, but they chose to disobey. All people have choices now. Every person chooses to sin. God forgives a person when he confesses his sins. People can choose to obey God. Encourage kids to list ways they know to obey God.

Give each child a piece of paper and a cutout. Guide the child to incorporate the cutout in a drawing of a way to obey God. He can glue the cutout on his paper as part of his overall scene. As kids work, locate and read the Life Verse. Ask kids to share their drawings and ideas for obeying God.

Grades 4-6

Introductory Activity – Puzzle Relay

  • Print the Life Verse on large piece of paper and cut the verse into 8-12 pieces. (Use wavy lines to make pieces distinctive shapes.) Put all the pieces in a bag.
  • Place bag on one end of play area and make tape start line at other end of play area.

Gather the kids at the start line. Roll a numbered cube; tell that many kids to walk down to the bag and remove a puzzle piece. The kids return with the pieces and work to assemble the puzzle so far. After a couple of minutes, roll the cube and send more kids to get puzzle pieces. When the puzzle is assembled, read the verse. Return pieces to bag and play again (as time allows). Tell kids that they will learn about following God’s instruction.

For larger groups of kids, print the verse on several different colors of paper and cut all the verses into pieces. Place all pieces in same bag. Kids can work together to sort and assemble all the puzzles as pieces are retrieved.

Live It Out – Time Capsule

  • Gather ziplock bags, paper, pencils, scissors, and address labels.

Lead preteens to locate and read the Life Verse. Talk about the Bible story, noting that Adam and Eve both chose to disobey God and sin. Talk about times preteens are tempted to disobey God and ways they can continue to follow God’s instructions. They may want to name other Bible verses that help them make responsible choices.

Suggest that preteens make a time capsule about obeying God. Give each preteen a ziplock bag. They can cut paper to fit inside the bags. On that paper, they can print verses about obeying God. They can write some ways they could make responsible choices. They may want to draw pictures that show situations in which they can choose to follow God’s instruction. Lead them to insert their writings and drawings in their bags. Give each preteen a label; she can print on the label Do not open until March 15, 2014 (or another date that is 2-4 weeks ahead). Place the label over the opening of the bag. Tell kids to place their time capsules in a drawer or other place where they will see it regularly; it can remind them to follow God’s instruction. Tell them to open the time capsule on the date and read their thoughts. They can jot down new thoughts at that time and add to the time capsule. Pray, asking God to help the preteens make responsible choices.

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