Winter 2013-14: Unit 1: Session 6: Faith (1/12/13)

Scripture: 1 Peter; 2 Peter

Grades 1-3

Introductory Activity – On the Ball

  • On a beach ball, print words like these: school; church; friends; bully; sister; brother; parents; teachers; playground; karate class; gym; art room; ball field; movie theater; neighbor; backyard; classroom.

Lead kids to form a circle. Start tossing the ball back and forth around the circle. Say, “Stop!” The child holding the ball looks at the word closest to his right thumb. He can tell if it is easy or hard to do the right thing in that place or to that person. Tell the kids that today’s Bible study will help them think about how to do the right things.

Live It Out – Reminder Books

  • Gather large blank index cards, stamp pads, shape stamps, glue, and small stacks of sticky notes.

Complete the activities on the Activity Page. Read the Life Point and Life Verse. Tell the kids they can make reminder books about ways to live as Jesus did. Give each child an index card; she can use the stamps and stamp pads to decorate one side of the index card. Guide the child to fold the index card in half (short ends together) and open up the card again. Give the child a small stack of sticky notes. She can glue the back of the notes to the blank side of the index card below the fold; then she can fold the card back over the notes to make the book. Tell kids that they can think of ways to live as Jesus did and print ideas on the sticky notes, one idea per note. Remind kids to use the books during the week to remind themselves how to show love as Jesus did.

Grades 4-6

Introductory Activity – Find It Fast!

Group preteens into groups of 3-6. Each group should have at least one Bible. Call out, 2 Peter” and the teams can race to find the Bible book. Call out, “Romans 1:16” and teams can find that verse. Call out other Bible books or verses for teams to find. Comment that the Bible helps us know how Jesus lived and how we can live as followers of Jesus.

Live It Out – Surprise Prop Dramas

  • Gather a box of various items such as a pencil, flashlight, cell phone, cereal box, ball cap, t-shirt, notebook.

Review “The ABCs of Becoming a Christian.” Comment that followers of Christ have the Holy Spirit to help guide them in how to live. Tell preteens that the Holy Spirit works in the everyday lives of Christians to help them live as followers of Jesus. Form small groups of kids. Lead each group to choose a prop from the box and discuss a situation that involves that object. Groups can create a short drama using the object and show how a Christian can live as a follower of Jesus in the situation. After the dramas, encourage preteens to watch for situations in their own lives this week. If they are Christians, they can respond in ways that reflect their commitment to Christ. Pray and ask God to use the Holy Spirit in the preteens’ lives this week.


  1. Marcia Lee says:

    I would like to express my displeasure with the new Bible Studies for Life literature. I have taught Sunday School for many years, and this is probably the least helpful material I have encountered. I have heard from many (in my church and others) who feel the same way who have sent letters, emails, etc. and they felt that the response from Lifeway was essentially ” this is just the way it is – deal with it.” I wonder if Lifeway doesn’t realize that there are materials available from other publishing companies and that churches don’t really have to accept this mediocrity. The lesson material is inadequate but still expensive and now we must purchase a CD and DVD separately.
    SUGGESTION: Dispose of this literature and get out copies of your old material from several years back – it was much better (would also be more cost effective).

    • Kelly Ferguson says:

      I agree, I was excited, the website promoting the material created a big build up. The mail outs and product descriptions created a since of anticipation. Several of the teachers I work with are also displeased and two of them have asked that I no longer order it for them they agree with Marcia the cost does not measure up. I did however have polite Lifeway employees who listened to my complaint and made a few suggestions, (all of which required the purchase of more material) they did point out that I could cut cost by paying for the download and printing material myself. The DVD episodes are helpful to the instructor, however our facility doesn’t have the equipment in all classes to use in the class setting, and again the cost does not balance with only one viewer per DVD. BTW not to happy with my MinistryGrid purchase either, no assessments, I’m curious why that is.

  2. Marcia has totally described the situation. We are seriously considering reviewing literature from other sources! I have also been teaching many years and have always been a supporter of Life Way material –no longer! It will be essential that you strongly consider revising the current curriculum or you will be losing some loyal customers. It appears that the writers are not in tune with the local churches and their resources!

    • Hi Marie,

      Tell me more about your church And the specific issues you are having. I want to help you not be frustrated. Please also let me know what age group you teach and the size of your class. Feel free to email me the info.

  3. Angela Wells says:

    I don’t know what the above poster’s issues are, but mine are that the material is not very creative and repetitive. It all involves throwing a ball and saying one word of a verse, playing charades, etc. I find myself using the internet for more stimulating ideas. Our church is less than 100 people and we cannot afford the DVD or other Lifeway materials. My desire is to have material that involves more variety in the activities. Some of these I know were in the lessons last year or the year before. Let’s brainstorm and come up with some new activities. I appreciate your efforts to make the material look more modern, but the content is not up to par.

    • Hi Angela,

      I’m sorry that you are finding a lack of Creativity. Can you tell me about the class that you teach and the age group of curriculum you are purchasing? I want to make sure that you have the best fit for your church. Feel free to email me:

  4. Angela Wells says:

    On a more positive note, I have enjoyed that you are using some different Bible stories. I don’t remember ever teaching Balam, Paul confronts Peter, or the text from this week. The kids enjoy that. I also (and they) liked the paper clip science experiment. I will e-mail you. Thank you for allowing us the chance to give feedback.

    • Jeff Land says:

      Hi Angela,

      I look forward to hearing from you. Glad that you like the Bible stories we are using. We were hoping to add more variety.

  5. Tina Welch says:

    I guess, not having taught SS in a long time I don’t have the same reference point…but I loved these lessons. I modified and improvised to adapt to my kids abilities and interests, but e messages were fe impacting, for me. And I could pass that on! I see the curriculum as a launch, not a requirement. God bless and praise to Him for the willing and talented people at LifeWay ….no peoples are perfect:-)

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