Winter 2013-14 Preschool Leader Extras with Suggested Dates

Winter 2013-14 


Unit 1: Jesus Taught*

Session 1: Hoping (Suggested date: 12/1/13)


Session 2: Forgiving (Suggested date: 12/8/13)


Session 3: Loving (Suggested date: 12/15/13)


SPECIAL FOCUS: Jesus Was Born (Suggested date: 12/22/13)

Session 4: Telling (Suggested date: 12/29/13)


Session 5: Helping (Suggested date: 1/5/13)

Session 6: Living (Suggested date: 1/12/14)

Unit 2: Real-Life Questions*

Session 1: Does God Love People (Suggested date: 1/19/14)

Session 2: Who Is God? (Suggested date: 1/26/14)

Session 3: Why Should I Tell About Jesus (Suggested date: 2/2/14)

Session 4: Who Gave Us the Bible (Suggested date: 2/9/14)

Session 5: Who Made the World? (Suggested date: 2/16/14)

Session 6: What Is Sin? (Suggested date: 2/23/14)





  1. Our church was in shock when the month of December had one lesson on the birth of
    Jesus in the Preschool material. December is the most important month to teach our little people about the Jesus birth from Luke and Matthew. Thanks for adding some extra material. Super disappointed in Lifeway!

    • Hey Mina,

      We’ve had the Christmas sessions the entire time. I’m glad you found them though!

      • Brenda Dyer says:

        I just found the Optional Christmas Sessions. Were we given the choice of ordering Christmas material or what we received? If we were, I did not know it and I apologize for my frustration but to use it now, is added costs to print for everyone. This is not good stewardship of our church’s resources.

        • Hi Brenda, this is the only version that we offered. I’m sorry for your frustration.

          • I have to agree with Mina and Brenda. Lifeway’s customer service is GREAT, therefore a very helpful agent emailed me the links to these this morning. But I have to agree with Brenda – it should be in the book…

            Church wide we emphasize the birth of Christ for the entire month of December. And for years, this emphasis was included in our Sunday School department. Would love to continue that for years to come. Thank you for providing this supplement – it shows that you care about your customers. But I will go on record with these two ladies in saying that our church would prefer them to be standard issue, not supplemental options.

          • Jeff Land says:

            Hi Trey,

            It was already in the plans to be next Winter’s curriculum. I’m sure you understand our dilemma in trying to meet the needs of our total customer base.

  2. Thank you for sending these extra lessons. I too am very disappointed that the entire month of December was not lessons on Jesus’ birth. I was also considering changing our literature next quarter. We have one month to teach preschoolers about the true meaning of Christmas while it is being celebrated all over the world. I was very surprised that only one lesson was in our packet. I know that the other lessons are great, but December should be about the birth of our Savior. For many children it may be the only time they hear the real story of Christmas – and you can be sure they will hear about Santa Claus and presents all month long!

    • Jeff Land says:

      Hi Vickie,

      The stories will be printed next year. What are your reasons for changing curriculum next quarter? I would love to help if possible.

  3. Pat Cawford says:

    Very disappointed in the December lessons in my pre-school material. I am very glad the Christmas stories will be INCLUDED in next years material Also glad the Bible Story will be on the take home paper. This is the ONLY source of Bible exposure some parents get. Thanks for listening

    • Thanks for the comment Pat. Feedback is the only way we know how to improve or keep things going. Whenever possible send us specific, positive and negative feedback so that we can continue to improve.

  4. In response to: “I’m sure you understand our dilemma in trying to meet the needs of our total customer base.”

    I *do* understand the dilemma in trying to meet the needs of your total customer base. I’m just curious who in your customer base thinks Sunday School sessions in December should be about a topic other than Jesus’ birth. And, before you go on about how your church began using the Winter curriculum earlier and some churches used the Winter curriculum later–any curriculum piece that is labeled “Winter 2013-2014″ is surely going to include the month of December and therefore should include a month of teaching sessions related to Jesus’ birth. And don’t try to tell me “Oh, they were there. You just had to go and find them.” I shouldn’t *have* to go and find them. If some of your users are planning to do something different in December, they’re the ones who should have to go looking for different sessions. In “Winter 2013-14″ (or “2014-2015″ or “2015-2016″), the first month is going to be December. Pretty much every time. Your customers shouldn’t have to go searching.

  5. Martha Yocum says:

    Jeff, whatever happened to the graded material that had teaching pictures and the material repeated every three years? My teachers are not happy with this material.

    • Jeff Land says:

      Hey Martha, are you referring to Bible Teaching For Kids? It transitioned into Bible Studies For Life. We still have teaching pictures with it, but they look different. Email me and let’s talk about options.

  6. Carolyn Holifield says:

    On any updates please keep the pictures with real people, real places and real things. Our preschoolers love the picture of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus in the current issue. Keep in mind that every church is not tech savy, nor do we all have access to the internet. The in hand material is the most used. I did not see this in the earlier comments, but it is most helpful if the songs in the book, (please include the words to all songs) are in the same order as on the CD. Also, make the songs # the same in the teachers book & on the CD, and imprint the # & song title on the CD . Thank you for listening. Our goal is to build in each child a foundation of faith that will last a lifetime. Nursery and pre-school is our first building block.

    • Hey Carolyn,

      I’m glad that you like the Teaching Pictures and the realistic other pictures. We are definitely not moving away from that look. I am working with the editors to try to make sure that they provide enough printed items for non-tech savvy groups. All CD items are “optional” so you should never feel obligated to have them. We just can’t print everything as much as we would like to.

  7. Jeannie Patton says:

    I have taught 30 years using Lifeway and have always loved it. But this quarter and the last have been very disappointing, confusing and has taken needless extra time and work. First, being undated has caused much confusion with many in our church as well as myself. Then, the fact that we choose to teach Christmas stories during Christmas meant that we had to print out copies and get to all teachers. That also leaves almost one third of the material unused. Also, some of the stories and words used are a little too difficult for the 3s-Pre-K age group.
    On the other hand, the teaching pictures are much better.

    • Hi Jeannie, the dates will be back starting in the Spring. I’m sorry about the Christmas confusion. They will be printed next year. I’m glad you like the Teaching Pictures.

    • Hi Jeannie, the dates will be printed in the Table of Contents starting in the Spring. I’m sorry about the Christmas confusion. The stories will be printed in next winter’s curriculum. I’m glad you like the teaching pictures.

  8. I too was disappointed about not having Christmas material in the book. Although I’ve taught in preschool for 23 years I knew exactly what I was going to teach…..past lifeway material. This preschool curriculum just keeps getting more and more frustrating. And last year’s VBS material was horrific for preschoolers. Half of them have never ever been on a roller coaster because they are not tall enough. Hopefully the material gets better and next time more information will be available. Especially since I am just now hearing about the bonus materials for Christmas. It’s not like I have a lot of time to sit down and figure out where the material is….in the book or on the website. Please do a better job of preschool lessons.


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