Winter 2013-14 Extra Christmas Session 2 for 3s-Kindergarten

Download Extra Christmas Session 2 here:


  1. Valerie Perkins says:

    I attend Concord Baptist Church in Mableton, GA. The new literature for the children is not my favorite. I was very disappointed when I opened the winter pack and found only one week highlighting Jesus’ birth. Did not set well with me. Thank you for sending bonus lessons. We will probably seek other companies to try material that our teachers here at Concord will be happier with. None of the childrens’ teachers like the new literature.

    • Jeff Land says:

      Hi Valerie,

      I hate to hear that you are leaving. We have more options here at LifeWay. In the meantime, it is helpful to hear specific feedback about why your teachers don’t like the new curriculum.

  2. Jim Dobkins says:

    We have been teaching kindergarten Sunday School for almost 30 years using Lifeway curriculum. So needless to say, we were also very disappointed to find only 1 bonus Christmas lesson in the literature. We finally found the 2 bonus lessons on the enhanced CD. Since this is one of the most important seasons for Christians, the month of December must be devoted to the various Bible stories we have been using for ever! I realize that you are trying to satisfy a wide customer base, but why would anyone only want one Christmas story – and it presented as a bonus or substitute for another topic? Upon reading the blog I see that next year will be returning to the month of December devoted to Christmas stories. Thank you!

    Now for another problem with the new literature for our church – that is the undated curriculum. This creates additional planning, then writing in the dates on the Table of Contents page, the Unit summary pages, and each of the 13 lessons – then making sure all the departments and teachers do it the same way. Please go back to the dated lessons. (The Kindergarten literature did not even have a suggested list of dates for the lessons in the back of the Leader Guide – like the Children grades 1 & 2, 3 & 4 and Pre Teens.)

    Other than the 2 issue above, we like the new literature and especially like the short videos on the DVD.

    • Jeff Land says:

      Hi Jim,

      Thanks for the comments. I’m glad you are enjoying the new curriculum and the DVD. Please note that the dates will be back on the Table of Contents starting in Spring 2014.

  3. Mike Rasberry says:

    My Preschool and Children’s teachers are very dis-satisfied with the new curriculum. They ordered the same material they had been ordering, but the new material is just not meeting our needs.

    I’ve heard this from other preachers, and from our home church. At our last Town Hall type meeting we discussed this issue and decided to investigate other curriculum. Lifeway just seems to be losing its direction.

    • Jeff Land says:

      Hi Mike,

      I sent you an email. I need more details about your concerns. It’s very possible we have already taken care of the issues that your leaders are having.


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