Winter 2013-14 Extra Christmas Session 1 for 3s-Kindergarten

Download Extra Christmas Session 1:


  1. David Henderson says:

    I am unable to open the links to the additional Christmas lessons for Preschool or Children. Help!!!!

  2. Nancy Smith says:

    I am unable to open the additional December lessons for 3s – kindergarten.

  3. Nancy Smith says:

    I am also having problems opening the materials offered for 3s – kindergarten. Please assist me.



  4. Ref: Kids Bible Studies for Life/3s-Pre-K – Winter 2013-2014
    Last quarter I was surprised and disappointed at the Leader Guide. There was no eye appeal, no color throughout the whole book and none of the weekly lessons were dated. The winter quarter books have arrived and the Christmas Story is not included during December 2013. We’ve just found out that it is on the CD as a bonus lesson. I truly feel that the Christmas Story should be the main theme during the Christmas Season. Thanks for listening.

    • Our curriculum now runs under general dates instead of “hard and fast” dates. That means many churches, like the one I attend started using the Winter curriculum weeks ago. It also means that until a few weeks ago, people were still heavily ordering our Fall curriculum, which would put them using the Winter curriculum at the end of January at the earliest. Because one of our guidelines is being flexible, we wanted to make sure that everyone had enough lessons, so for Winter, we provided 17 sessions instead of 13. 4 were available for extra Christmas sessions both on the post where you commented and on the Enhanced CD. I’m sorry for the confusion, but our intent was to make the curriculum easy for all churches to use.

  5. Monica Breiling says:

    I’m also having trouble opening the 3′s & K session 1.

  6. Miriam Flail says:

    I am glad to know that I am not the only one disappointed in the material from Lifeway. I am still very upset about the December lessons not being all about the birth of Jesus. Our church spends an awful lot of money to purchase your material and we that you to do the best for our children. It would have been nice to have an input in the way that you all changed the material. Our one year old teacher will not even use your material! Are you trying to change everything to the Gospel Project? I am hoping that you will put the lesson story back on the front of the Bible lesson study sheets in Spring 2014.

    • I totally agree with Miriam Flail! I liked the dated lessons and I didn’t even use the lesson for December because I wanted the whole Christmas story to be able to tell! I don’t like this new stuff! It is totally confusing! We have 3 teachers that take turns teaching a sunday school class and it is so confusing of who is teaching what! I want to go back to the old lessons! Could you have the old lessons available also????

      • Jeff Land says:

        Hi Kathy,

        The dates will be printed on the Table of Contents starting in the Spring. I think that will be very helpful. The Christmas lessons were available online this year and will be printed next year. I’m sorry for the confusion.

  7. ann downum says:

    Please send the special focus lesson plans for Christmas for kindergarten

  8. I would like this materiel emailed to me, actually all of the special focus plans for Christmas for kindergartners.

  9. Jeff,
    I appreciate change and understand some of the challenges your team faces as it seeks to provide materials for the leaders and families for congregations. I am also encouraged about some of the upcoming changes mentioned in the recent video by Jeffery Reed, “New Enhancements for Bible Study for Life: Kids.”

    It is easy in our culture to think that our children like and or need what we as adults enjoy or understand. That being said, can you give the rationale for the changes in calling the Bible verse a “life verse” and the changes in the preschool music? I understand the application intent of applying scripture to our daily walk, but our children still need to know beyond a doubt that these words are scripture. Also, the preschool music does not need to include intricate rhythms and instrumentation that masks the Biblical focus and message of the songs. I attempt to use the suggested songs, but the message is overpowered and is too driven by the instrumentation. Please reconsider more simpler instrumentations that allow children to hear the message and reflect on its meaning.

    Our children’s ministry is considering a new direction in literature, but I would like to be an advocate of BSFL. Thank you for your willingness to hear concerns and make changes.

    • Jeff Land says:

      Hi Becky,

      We changed the verse to Life verse to emphasize that we wanted kids to know the verse for life. We don’t print it as life verse anywhere but in the leader guide, so please let your leaders know to call it Bible verse if that is what you prefer. We want kids use the Bible for Life! That’s the goal of this curriculum.

      I think you will like the new way we have changed the preschool music for Summer 2014. We rearranged the order of the songs. I believe that the songs that you are referencing were meant to be more for listening and moving, not really singing.

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