Winter 2013-14 Extra Christmas Session 1 for 3s-Kindergarten

Download Extra Christmas Session 1:


  1. David Henderson says:

    I am unable to open the links to the additional Christmas lessons for Preschool or Children. Help!!!!

  2. Nancy Smith says:

    I am unable to open the additional December lessons for 3s – kindergarten.

  3. Nancy Smith says:

    I am also having problems opening the materials offered for 3s – kindergarten. Please assist me.



  4. Ref: Kids Bible Studies for Life/3s-Pre-K – Winter 2013-2014
    Last quarter I was surprised and disappointed at the Leader Guide. There was no eye appeal, no color throughout the whole book and none of the weekly lessons were dated. The winter quarter books have arrived and the Christmas Story is not included during December 2013. We’ve just found out that it is on the CD as a bonus lesson. I truly feel that the Christmas Story should be the main theme during the Christmas Season. Thanks for listening.

    • Our curriculum now runs under general dates instead of “hard and fast” dates. That means many churches, like the one I attend started using the Winter curriculum weeks ago. It also means that until a few weeks ago, people were still heavily ordering our Fall curriculum, which would put them using the Winter curriculum at the end of January at the earliest. Because one of our guidelines is being flexible, we wanted to make sure that everyone had enough lessons, so for Winter, we provided 17 sessions instead of 13. 4 were available for extra Christmas sessions both on the post where you commented and on the Enhanced CD. I’m sorry for the confusion, but our intent was to make the curriculum easy for all churches to use.

  5. Monica Breiling says:

    I’m also having trouble opening the 3’s & K session 1.

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