When Relationships Collide, Session 6: Introduction Option for Parents


To introduce this lesson on how God uses conflict for our greater good, ask: When have you faced a situation that turned out much better than you first expected? What turned the situation around for you? Discuss responses.

Share that in April of 1970, NASA launched the Apollo 13 mission under the command of Jim Lovell. Explain that early in the mission, the astronauts aboard Apollo 13 were threatened by a deadly situation when their capsule was damaged in space. Note that the story of the mission was retold in a 1995 movie starring Tom Hanks and directed by Ron Howard.

Tell the parents that the danger of Apollo 13 was not the first time Lovell had faced a life-or-death situation. Share the clip from the movie. If you don’t see the clip below, you can watch it at WingClips.com by clicking here:  http://www.wingclips.com/movie-clips/apollo-13/getting-home.

Highlight Lovell’s last words in the clip: “You never know what events are going to transpire to get you home.” Note that so many times in life we see circumstances—including conflicts—that seem beyond redemption. Emphasize that when God is involved, no situation is beyond His ability to work.

Challenge parents to reflect on some situations they have seen God redeem as they study today’s lesson based on the life of Joseph—and to find encouragement for the situations they are currently wrestling to understand.

We want to hear from you! How will you explore the topic of “The Big Picture” with the parents in your small group? 

bob-318x400The options for parents for the When Relationships Collide unit were written by Bob Bunn. Bob helps develop stewardship curriculum and resources for churches  for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. He is the author of Indelible Parenting, a four week study for parents based on Deuteronomy 6. He and his wife, Mary, live in Nashville with their three teenagers. 

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