When Relationships Collide Session 6: Guess the Picture

For the “Lead with Atmosphere” Engage Option, try a few of the ones available on this website. (This is an external website with content that cannot be controlled by LifeWay, please use caution and personal judgment any time you use activities involving the web.)

Show students the small picture and let them guess the big picture, then reveal the answers to each. Use as many as you wish before moving on to the lesson or using the optional questions below.

Here are a few additional questions you could ask that go with this activity:

  • Why do we allow a small amount of information to guide the way we think about some things?
  • How long does it take to really get to know someone?
  • Why is waiting for God to show us the big picture so difficult when we are in the midst of struggle?

Continue leading students through the session using the Leader Guide.


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