When Relationships Collide, Session 5: Live It Out Option for Men

men-step inThis session has focused on what to do when two or more people around you are in conflict. The main point is “Step in to keep a bad situation from getting worse.”

A blog post on www.ceo.com, entitled “10 Steps to Solve Tension Between Team Mates” applies this lesson to the corporate world. Consider printing out this article for the men in your group. Discuss how these principles, combined with the biblical principles you learned in this session, could help the men in your group be better leaders and managers in the workplace.

We want to hear from you. How will you help the men in your group apply the truths of this session? 


  1. kerry feeler says:

    Lifeway, I am very disappointed in your website and
    Sunday School Literature. First, Bible Studies For Life no longer has the dates with the lesson. You have to look at the front of the book, find the date then go to the page. Inconvenient. Second, I cannot for the life of me find any commentary for the current weeks lesson on your website. I am the Sunday School Superintendent in our small country church. Before you went with the current format I was able to go to Extra and find useful commentary for the opening of our Sunday School hour. That is not the case now. Having to use other venues for this purpose. Inconvenient.
    Sorry to have to rant here, but I find there are no other options, unless I want to go to FAQ, another inconvenience.
    I used to be so proud of Lifeway, the Sunday School Board, but now, I’m sorry, disappointment.

    • From Karen Dockrey, Content Editor:

      I’m glad to answer your two questions.
      First, we removed the date to reach out to more churches and groups. Some hold Bible study on Tuesday night, Friday night, even before work or on a Saturday afternoon. This keeps those groups from concluding they are meeting at the “wrong” time.
      Second, across from every leader plan is commentary. In the Adult Bible study the commentary is on the right page. In the Senior Adult and KJV the commentary is in the middle column. For more indepth commentary, consider the Hobbs or Advanced commentaries.
      I hope this helps, and thank you for investing in Bibles study!

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