When Relationships Collide: Session 3: Live It Out Option for Women


Once, my dad and his wife were arguing about whether a field was sprouting with soybeans or sorghum. In order to end the argument, my Dad said, “well then, it’s corn.” The field was obviously not corn, but the willingness to be wrong (and his wife to be wrong too) ended the argument and their relationship continued on unscathed.

Not getting our way is difficult. It can leave us feeling cheated or like we are owed something because we’ve given in. Session 3, “Stand Down” asks us to give in: not so that we can feel like a martyr but because we are trusting that God will use our willingness to give in for His glory and our benefit.

Begin today with the introductory question on page 93 of the personal study guide and continue through the session. Consider using these substitutions:

  • Question #2: Worship opens our hearts to see ourselves reflected in an honest Godly perspective. Has your perspective ever changed because of a time of worship before The Lord?
  • Question #3: Abram was not perfect, but he faced the conflict with Lot desiring God’s best for the outcome. What obstacles stand in the way of us seeking resolution like Abram did?
  • Question #4: If we are willing to let someone’s desires have priority in the middle of conflict, how will our relationship be impacted?
  • Question #5: When we set our choices aside, we see God work in amazing ways. What unexpected results have you experienced when personal choices and preferences were set aside?

To supplement the Live it Out, activity in this session, watch what Beth Moore says about dealing with the difficult people in life (Note: this is an 8 1/2 minute clip, so this may be a clip you encourage the ladies in your group to watch in the next week if you don’t have time for it in the session). If you do not see the clip below, click here to watch the video on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iio8A-bUShA

In the midst of conflict, we need to face the reality that we could be the one that is wrong! We might be the one being difficult! Ouch!

Discuss how we respond when we realize we are the difficult one pushing our way in the midst of conflict. Point out that when we humbly seek after God’s heart, we see our own more clearly. Encourage women to spend some quiet time this week asking God to reveal the times when we have pushed for our agenda rather than God’s.  Ask God for the courage to reconcile with others we have harmed because of our difficultness.

We want to hear from you! How are you living out the topic of setting aside personal preferences to resolve conflict with the women in your class or small group?

DebphotoThe options for women for the When Relationships Collide unit were written by Deb Douglas, Minister to Women and Hope of First Baptist Bossier City, LA. Deb is a wife, mother, grandmother (call her Pearl!), writer, seamstress, and foodie! Follow her on twitter: DrDebDouglas and her blog: www.wordpress.pinkkudzu.com.

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