When Relationships Collide, Session 3: Intro Option for Men

Here’s a lighthearted option for opening Session 3, “Stand Down” Ask, “When you think about conflict, what is the opposite of standing down?” (allowing a conflict to escalate). Ask the men in the group if, when they were younger, they ever got involved in a prank battle with a friend (or maybe a not-friend). Allow for responses. Explain that on the TV show The Office, Jim and Dwight are two employees who really don’t get along. Show this compilation of Jim and Dwight pranks collected over several seasons. If you do not see the video below, click here to watch the video on YouTube: http://youtu.be/5SnSzo4AbRI

Obviously, Jim and Dwight don’t handle their conflict in a very mature way. Maybe you have someone in your world that just rubs you the wrong way. Or maybe there is a clearly defined reason for conflict and tension between you.

  • In what ways have you seen conflict escalate?
  • In order for someone to “stand down” in a conflict, what must he or she be willing to give up or sacrifice?

Continue the study by exploring the conflict between Abram and Lot in Genesis 3:1-18

We want to hear from you. How will you explore the theme of “Standing down” in a conflict situation with the men in your small group? 


  1. I love the extra helps, especially the video clips. But I have a hard time finding them on my search. It seems like by Saturday what comes up is the next weeks summary page if you go through the main lifeway website. I am afraid people will give up searching and then you will stop providing the helps because you will think we don’t like them when really we just can’t locate them.

    • James Jackson says:

      Thank you, Kirk. Rest assured, we won’t stop offering the extra helps! We will continue to work on making them easier to find. All the helps are there, but I always re-set the scheduled date so that each Monday, what you will see on the home page of the blog are the helps for the session two Sundays from now. But all you have to do from that page is click on “More leader extras” and you should see them in descending order (session 5, session 4, session 3, etc). You can also enter the name of the session in the search bar to filter any post that has been tagged with the name of that session. It is a little clunky, but it is there. But you aren’t the only person that has said they are hard to find, so we are working on making them easier to locate.

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