When Relationships Collide Session 2: Intro option for Boomers


After discussing the opening question, share this information from New York Times columnist David Brooks. His article points out that our use of words has changed over the last 50 years.

A study by Jean M. Twenge, W. Keith Campbell and Brittany Gentile found that between 1960 and 2008 individualistic words and phrases increasingly overshadowed communal words and phrases. Ponder this quote together:

That is to say, over those 48 years, words and phrases like “personalized,” “self,” “standout,” “unique,” “I come first” and “I can do it myself” were used more frequently. Communal words and phrases like “community,” “collective,” “tribe,” “share,” “united,” “band together” and “common good” receded.

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  1. What are some words and phrases you think people increasingly use that highlight the individual rather than the community?
  2. What does this change in our language say about how people approach relationship conflict?

We want to hear from you! How are you discussing the problem of self-centeredness in relationships with the boomers in your class or small group?

Lynn PryorOptions for Boomers for this unit were written by Lynn Pryor. Lynn is the Editorial Project Leader for Bible Studies for Life. He and his wife Mary live in Franklin, Tennessee.



  1. Mary Jane Gulley says:

    What happened to info and articles on session 1 on Even Christians Collide… I can’t find a thing, and you are ahead of us again by one week…. that’s what happened for another lesson that I wanted some added help on…. *sheesh*
    Why is this happening? And there is NO link to go BACK… it is listed, but no way to get to it… hmmmm
    I am getting to dislike computer stuff more and more, it is frustrating… to say the least, and the Blog if you can call that a blog does not help either, and no place to comment there either… just saying..
    Well now you have a good day, even tho I am not giving you encouragement today…. sorry! I and my ladies were soooo enthralled in the previous material we had, it is sad for us to see a good thing changed.

  2. I too have had difficulty finding the appropriate helps on the site. Is there a way to search by the lesson title, like “Even Christians Collide”, “It’s Not About Me”, etc. When I put in the session number, it pulls up some articles from the Pressure Points lessons, as well as the When Christians Collide lessons. I’d like to see an easier way to get only the articles and helps for each individual lesson through the Leader Extras. I have really enjoyed the resources, but hope to find an easier way to filter the info for each session.

  3. gwen stanton says:

    Where is the article in home life on the potato soup fight? It is listed in this weeks commentary? I could not find it biblestudiesforlife.com/articles. Thanks, Gwen

  4. Diane Yeager says:

    I would just like to say thank you for the new material. I was going to make a change for my ladies class and the new material came and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Whever a change occurs it takes time to adjust. Thanks again!

  5. Betty Bell says:

    Has anyone considered putting all of the supplemental material about a particular session together at one place. For example, Put articles, leaders helps, blog, etc, relating to Conflicts, session 2, on one website. That would be SO MUCH more helpful!!!!

  6. I miss the old EXTRA’s…….

  7. Theresa Skinner says:

    I agree with Betty Bell. I would be EXTREMELY helpful to have all of the material for each particular session together in one place. We really like the new material; however, it is difficult to navigate the website looking under several headings for the same lesson. Also, there are some teachers who are not able to show “video clips”, etc. in their classroom. It would be helpful if you could keep this in mind as you develop your leader material.

    • Thank you. We are looking into better ways to show the extra online resources. The easiest way is to go to biblestudiesforlife.com/blog and type what you’re looking for into the search. The blog area has the Leader Extras and Articles for all of the sessions.

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