When Relationships Collide, Session 1: Live It Out Option for Women

Martha and Mary were going at it! That’s what sisters do! Not just biological sisters but sisters (and brothers) in Christ too! Today’s session looks at understanding conflict.

Begin with the introductory question on page 72 of the personal study guide. As you proceed with the session, consider making these substitutions:

  • Question #2: If you have more than one sister, as you were growing up people probably remarked on how alike or how different each of the sisters were from the others. Martha and Mary had some things in common, like loving Jesus and loving their brother, but they were uniquely different also. Which of the two sisters do you think you are most like?
  • Question #3: What responsibilities cause conflict in your life and how?
  • Question #4: Have the pressures and demands of life as a multitasking, busy woman ever prevented you from being involved in a Bible study group or from studying on your own?
  • Question #5: Making choices is hard, especially if we do not understand our priorities. What do you have to take into consideration when choosing between the good, better, or best option?

Live it Out Option: Bethany Hamilton, a competitive surfer, was injured by a 14-foot shark. In this clip from the movie, Soul Surfer, her parents fight over what is best for Bethany’s future. If you do not see the video below, click here to view the clip at Wingclips.com: http://www.wingclips.com/movie-clips/soul-surfer/why-did-this-happen

Both of Bethany’s parents loved her and wanted what was best but had very different perspectives on what that meant. Discuss how 2 adults that have the right motives but opposite perspectives get to a compromise. In the clip, the father emphasizes the importance of prayer and listening to God for the right answer. As a group, discuss how best to introduce the idea of a cease fire for a time of praying and listening.

In Martha and Mary’s conflict, Jesus was there to moderate, point out the truth, and show Martha what was truly important. When 2 conflicting parties discover the truth of a situation, peace results. End today by praying for small group members to live seeking God’s truth and His priorities.

We want to hear from you! How are you living out resolving colliding relationships?

DebphotoThe options for women for the When Relationships Collide unit were written by Deb Douglas, Minister to Women and Hope of First Baptist Bossier City, LA. Deb serves, writes, cooks, mothers and grandmothers, and is wife to Paul. Follow her on twitter: DrDebDouglas and her blog: pinkkudzu.wordpress.com.


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