What People Are Saying About Bible Studies for Life: Students


We asked a few Student Pastors and Pastors serving in various roles to let us know what they like most about Bible Studies for Life: Students. We would also love to hear from you. What do you like about Bible Studies for Life: Students?


– Billy Young,
First Baptist Church of Brandon, FL

“We use Bible Studies for Life to help our students grow in the Word of God and to unite them with the church body in Bible study.”


— Chuck Butler, Cross Church, Pinnacle Hills, AR


“Bible Studies for Life has taken biblical content and creativity and packaged it in such a way that student ministries of any size can use it to disciple students.”


—Bradley Maybin, First Baptist Church of Amarillo, TX


“It helps me equip parents by providing tools that will help them disciple their kids.”


—Zach Steiger, Cross Point Church, Nashville, TN


“The creative ideas are relevant and perfect for churches in any context.”


– Greg Tonkinson, Valley Christian High School, Chandler, AZ

“Bible Studies for Life: Students is the best thing out there! I love it!! You guys nailed it! The integration of technology along with maintaining a high integrity for The Word…phenomenal!”


—Josh Cranor, First Baptist Church at the Mall, Lakeland, FL


“It’s got the look, content, plan and tools to make it everything I want and need in a curriculum.”


—Steven Severt, Grand Lake Community Church, Celina, OH


“Bible Studies for Life offers great, biblical studies that are both true to God’s Word and relevant for today. Each session includes great videos and themed digital content that really help students connect and engage with the material.”


—Mark Ellison, FBC St. Bethlehem Clarksville, TN


“I love the 3-year plan and where the Bible studies are headed. The topics are relevant & speak to what our students are dealing with and provides them with biblical answers & application to live out God’s truth in their lives.”


—Alex Himaya, theCHURCH.at, Tulsa, OK


“Bible Studies for Life is packed with ways to help create interaction and application in any Groups context.”


—Jordan Easley, Long Hollow Baptist Church, Hendersonville, TN


“Helps leaders apply authenticity and transparency to take teaching to another level towards impacting students lives.”


—Pete Wilson, Cross Point Church, Nashville, TN


“Bible Studies for life is one of these incredible resources that really helps us make it so much easier to move people from the crowd into the context of community.”


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  1. Larry Montgomer says:

    This may not be the appropriate place for this question, but I am struggling to figure out the age guidelines/ranges for “Young Adult” “Adult” “Senior Adult”. Can someone please help? I cannot find anything that references the ages recommended.


    • Chris Swain says:

      Thanks for the question Larry. It is my understanding that these age groups might vary for different church contexts. Young Adult is after High School to around mid-late twenties. Adult is everything after that to about late fifties-sixties. Because age and ministry styles are different with every church, you may flex any of this of course. Again this is optional for your church context but that should give you a good idea.Hope that answers your question.


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