What is One Conversation?

Have you ever had to have a really difficult conversation, and you were so nervous about having it, your teeth chattered? Whether it was breaking up with someone in high school, asking a professor for an extension in college, or resigning from a position in the professional world, those conversations can be extremely difficult.  Sometimes, I have written them down or made bullet lists, but I run through those conversations a dozen times in my head before ever having them. Often, I knew how a conversation needed to end, but it seemed to take forever to figure out how to get there.

Sometimes, I run into similar situations when I am talking with kids. Especially when I am talking about spiritual matters.  These conversations are so important, and I know how I want them to end up, but I have a hard time getting there.

That’s why the Bible Studies for Life team has developed a new take-home item called a One Conversation™ page. Not only does the page give an overview of what the child has learned each week at church, but it also provides helpful conversation starters to get the ball rolling toward a spiritual conversation. The page is on the back of each kids activity page and offers an overview of preschool, kids, and students and talking points for that week.

Here’s a screenshot of a sample One Conversation sheet. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 12.36.39 PM

Our hope is that what kids learn at church goes beyond the church walls. We hope that these pages will help spark at least one conversation about biblical truths in the home each week. After all, lives can change with just one conversation.

Erika Scrimpshire attends Cross Point Church in Nashville, TN where she is involved in various ministries. A former high school teacher, Erika has taught Bible studies to kids, students, college students, and young adults. In her spare time, she can be found sharing coffee or dinner with friends, jogging in a local park, or at a dog park with her schnauzer, Bella.


  1. We are just starting with bible study for life this week. I teach 5th grade. My question is the one conversation sheet states “your student has been encouraged to do one of 2 Live It Out activities from the personal study guide. I can not find these activities listed anywhere in my leaders guide nor on the students activity sheets. What is this talking about? Where do I find these activities? I need to be able to respond to parents questions about this. Last question I have is do we have to use the DVD to teach the lesson? I don’t see the bible story presented in the leaders guide but just a reference to the DVD. Is that where the bible story is presented? Can this be taught if we don’t have access to a DVD player?

    • James Jackson says:

      Hello Dawn! I passed your question to Jeff Land, who leads the Bible Studies For Life: Kids team. Here’s his response:

      It sounds like you are looking at the Students portion of the “One Conversation” page. Fifth grade would still fall under the “Kids” section. You do not have to have the DVD to teach our lessons. The DVD just has some extra media and life action points that help kids understand a real-world application to the Bible Story. Traditionally, we don’t “tell” a Bible story to preteens, so the Bible Study relies upon the kids to study it. For Week 1, look at page 12, “Look In The Book” where the kids will learn the Bible Story. The Bible Story is always in the “Study the Bible” and directly under “Look In The Book.” Hope this helps. Let us know if you have more questions!

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