What Customers are Saying About Bible Studies For Life

If you serve on a church staff, don’t you love overhearing what people are saying about your church’s ministry? Okay… maybe not always. But in this case, Michael Atherton, who serves Cornerstone Church in Lone Tree, Colorado, overheard a family coming out of church, talking about Bible Studies For Life. Listen to what they had to say! (If you do not see the video below, click here to watch the video on You Tube: http://youtu.be/OQVPn5TUT2o)

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  1. Lillian Akers says:

    The ladies in my Sunday School Class are disappointed that the scripture is only in the HCSB language. None of us use that translation of the Bible. We would prefer at least that you go back to 2 versions of the scripture. Also everyone of us complain that the date of the lesson is not on the lesson itself. It has taken the first quarter for us to even find where the suggested dates are. The writers do a very good job of scripture commentary and we enjoy the lessons. Just a couple of changes in the format would help tremendously. Thanks for your consideration of this matter.

    • James Jackson says:

      Hello Lillian! Thanks for the comment. You actually do have several options for translation. There is Bible Studies For Life: KJV, as well as the option to order the adult piece in NIV. If you order the digital download, you have the additional option of the ESV. And, last but not least, if you download the app of the personal study guide, you can access all four translations– NIV, HCSB, KJV, and ESV. Click here to get more information about translation options. http://www.lifeway.com/n/bible-studies-for-life/options You can also search the App store on iTunes or Google Play for the app. Just search “BSFL.” Hope this helps.

    • Barbara Sumrall says:

      I agree with Lillian. My class does not like the lessons or the big book.
      Personally I feel that LifeWay is trying to push the HCSB down our throats. Why not leave the
      Scripture out of the books so we would have to use our Bibles instead of the book. The ladies in my

      • Lillian Akers says:

        Thank you, Barbara. I, for one, use my Bible each Sunday. I still believe in using a copy of the Bible as opposed to using scripture written in the SS quarterly.

        • James Jackson says:

          Lillian and Barbara, thank you both for your comments. I agree with you in a lot of respects. As a Sunday School teacher, I love the sound of pages being turned as group members flip through their Bibles searching the Scriptures. When I first became an editor, the product I was assigned to was being redesigned. And at first, I argued strongly that we should not reprint the Scripture passage in the personal study guide. But a colleague asked me a great question. He said, “Do you want lost people to be in your Sunday school class?” I replied, “Well of course I do!” Then he said, “And do you expect them to know their way around the Bible?” I had to admit that wasn’t a realistic expectation. So I came to the conclusion that if you really do want new Christians and non Christians to be part of your small group, then it makes sense to print the Scripture passage in the book so they don’t feel intimidated by the fact that they don’t know where it is. My advice as a leader would be to model Bible use– absolutely have your copy of God’s Word in front of you. And encourage people to follow along in their copy of God’s Word. The fact that the entire passage is printed on one page in the new design, as opposed to being broken up into sections, makes it even more valuable for group members to have their own Bibles open. But be gracious to those who are new to the faith, and consider that the design of the material makes it easier for them to engage with the class.

          You may still not agree with our decision to print the Scripture in the quarterly, but hopefully this gives you some insight as to why the material is designed the way it is. Blessings, and thanks again for the comments.

          • Melinda Cochran says:

            I really only have two concerns that could easily be remedied. One was mentioned by Lillian above – the dates for the Sunday are not printed on the lesson. To me the bigger problem in my class is that the student books have the verses (printed in the quarterly) way too light to be able to read well. I don’t even like to ask anyone in the class I teach to read the scripture from the material because they can’t read it well and stumble through it. I don’t want to embarrass them so I read it all myself. These two things could be fixed quickly and easily and address some people’s concerns. Thanks for what you do and for listening to my concerns.

          • James Jackson says:

            Thanks, Melinda– We will definitely take a look at the printed pieve to try to determine if the light print is a design decision, or if it was a problem with the printer. We appreciate you pointing it out. As for the dates not being printed, that was an intentional design decision. More and more, churches are having small groups that meet at times other than Sunday, and even for churches that have traditional Sunday school often are not completely in sync with every other church’s Sunday school. Some skip sessions, some take more than one week to discuss a session, some have “fifth Sunday fellowships,” mission projects, special focus lessons provided by the pastor, or any number of other factors that get them off schedule. For that reason, we decided not to associate a date with each session. You can still find a “suggested first use” date on the Table of Contents. I hope this helps. Thanks again for the comments.

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