Using the Bible Studies for Life: Kids Visual Pack

land-1024x1017 My first church staff position was Minister to Children at First Baptist Church in Cedar Hill, TX. I loved that church and still love that church. I’m friends with my kids (who are now adults) on Facebook. It’s neat to see how they are living their lives and to maintain those sweet connections. One of the most memorable people at that church to me, though, was Mr. Bobby Sims. He and his wife Mrs. Patsy would do anything for the church and would do anything you needed them to do.

Mr. Bobby was an excellent carpenter, so when I needed some odd thing built, I was describe it and he would come back a few days later (and sometimes hours later) with the complete project better than I ever thought it would be. I love that God gifts certain people with those carpentry skills that I wasn’t blessed with and places them in my path.

Last week at LifeWay’s Kids Ministry Conference, we were discussing the Bible Studies for Life: Kids Visual Packs. These huge posters are beautiful and realistic, but can be cumbersome. Many churches have wondered: “How should we use these?” One of the conferees told me that her friend’s church had a great plan for the visual pack. Little did I know that her friend was my friend, Pam Keith, from Philadelphia Baptist Church. I asked Pam to send me some pics of how they are using the Visual Pack and asked how she built it. Pam explained to me that like my experiences with Mr. Bobby she just described it and some men in her church built it.

Here is the finished project:

IMG_1812It’s a beautiful art easel that is preschool-kid height. How wonderful that the kids at Philadelphia Baptist Church can walk right up to the picture and touch it!

1. Back View: Pam asked the men to build a sturdy base so that kids could touch it and have it slightly leaning so it wouldn’t fall over. 




backview2. Side View: This piece appears to be quite sturdy.



3. Top Views: Pam had a piece of plexiglass cut that fits snuggly into the easel so that it covers the poster but doesn’t slide around too much.



The Visual Poster Pack is a wonderful way to use biblical posters in your hallways, classrooms, and welcome centers. We have heard from churches that are mounting them to foam core and hanging them in hallways. We have also heard from churches who have had plexiglass frames installed on their walls to hold the posters. Some churches choose to hang them all up with tape. There’s no right or wrong way, just different ways.


How are you using your Visual Poster Pack?




  1. Dawn Jackson says:

    I love the creative ideas for helping children to learn the bible and forge a relationship with God. Here’s a link to other bible study aids for children that I love that I think people will enjoy too.

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