Tuesday is for Tips: 10 Reasons You Should Pay Attention to the “New Seniors”


In a recent two-part blog post, Ken Braddy, Manager of Adult Ongoing Bible Studies, talked about the “new seniors”—adults aged 65 and up who make up the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. population. Is your church ready for them? As Ken points out in Part 1 of his post, if churches assume they are “just like” the current senior adults they serve, they are likely to lose them. Click the links below to read more about this group and how we can reach them.

Ken BraddyBefore coming to LifeWay, Ken Braddy served as a Minister of Education in a church that grew from 44 members of small groups to over 2,400 in the ten years he was there. Check out his blog at kenbraddy.wordpress.com

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