Thank You, Lord: Optional Opener for Collegiates

Thank You Lord Topic

Consider using this creative welcome activity to foster community within your group, promote your Bible study through social media channels, and initiate interaction with those who are new to your group. One week prior to the “Thank You, Lord” Bible study session, invite your group members to help prepare for the group time.

  1. Ask group members to snap photos throughout the week of things they’re thankful for.
  2. Invite them to post these to their Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook accounts with the hashtag #givethanks. (You can also create your own hashtag that best represents your group, like #givethanksfbc2013 or #givethanksHDBCyoungadultmin.)
  3. Instruct them to post these by a specified date—this gives them a deadline and will allow you time to prepare.
  4. Monitor this activity throughout the week and add a few photos of your own.
  5. Compile these images as you receive them.
  6. Create a digital slideshow or printed photo collage by printing and attaching them to large tear sheets. Be certain to use at least one image from everyone who submits one.

As your group members arrive for the “Thank You, Lord” Bible study, have the digital slideshow playing or the tear sheets on display. Invite group members to greet three to five people by finding out what they’re thankful for and sharing their own.

We want to hear from you! How will you explore the topic of thankfulness with the college students in your group? 


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