Pressure Points Session 4: Discussion Option for Men

Question 2 on page 42 of the Personal Study Guide asks, “How have you seen words act like fire or as poison?” As time permits, discuss how movies and TV shows often portray characters using cutting humor and sarcasm with each other. Often, because it is used for humor, we forget the destructive power of […]

Pressure Points Session 4: Current Events Connection

To help introduce this session on the power of our words, point out that, according to a July 2012 article in Psychology Today, an MRI can actually show the impact negative words have on a person’s brain. Brain scans show the release of stress-producing hormones and neurotransmitters in test subjects when the word “no” was flashed on […]

Pressure Points Session 4: Optional Activity For Young Adults/Collegiates

To introduce the topic of the importance of words with the young adults in your small group, ask group members to respond to the following quote: “In the age of the text message, the power of the thumb has outgrown the power of the tongue. In general, young adults text more than they talk on their […]

Pressure Points Session 4: Additional Reading for Parents

We’ve all heard the nursery rhyme about sticks and stones, and how “words will never hurt me.” But we’ve also been around long enough to know it isn’t true. This blog post, from the blog, talks about the destructive power our words can have on our children, and gives three guidelines to think about […]

Pressure Points Session 4: Introduction Option for Boomers

As an alternate opening to the group session, ask the following question instead of the one on PSG p. 39 – “Who is someone you know who is wise in what they say and how they say it? What has the person said that you consider to be wise?”  Allow for discussion.    To further […]

Pressure Points, Session 4: The Power of Words

  By Gene A. Getz It’s intensely biblical to invest in relationships. Without a doubt, it’s God’s will for our lives.  Watch this video of Dr. Getz teaching on Proverbs 12:16-25 If you do not see the video, click here to go directly to YouTube: One of the most prominent directives in Paul’s letter to […]

Pressure Points, Session 4: Can We Talk?

 by Jennifer McCaman Stop avoiding conflict and deal with the tough stuff I’m an accomplished sweeper. I’m not talking about the bristled instrument that swishes away dust bunnies. I’m referring to brushing problems out of the way. Unfortunately, I’m collecting a pretty big mess under the rug. Conflict is hard. But it’s also unavoidable. If we […]

Pressure Points Session 4: Live It Out Options for Women

  Session 4, The Pressure of Words,  focuses on learning to control our words. As the small group is guided through today’s session, consider substituting these questions: Question #2: Hurtful words can burn like a fire, how have you experienced the flames of words? Question #3: If on the way to church, the husband tells […]

Pressure Points, Session 1: Fuggeddaboudditt

By Marie Armenia Fuggeddaboudditt “ARE YOU IN THE MAFIA?” the woman asked as we stood in the lobby. I was the featured speaker at a women’s seminar. She was as serious as a hit man and continued: “All Eye-Talians are in the Mafia, aren’t they?” For one of the rare times in my life, I […]