Small Group Monday: 11 Crucial Characteristics Small Group Pastors Must Have

Today on the blog, LifeWay’s Small Group Ministry Specialist Rick Howerton shares the qualities that would be on his “wish list” if he were a senior pastor looking to hire a small group pastor. Read More  

Small Group Monday: When You Have to Cancel a Meeting

We are coming out of a crazy winter, and there’s a good chance you had to cancel at least one small group meeting this year. Or maybe your reasons for canceling a meeting aren’t weather related. A family crisis, a burst pipe, a last minute call out of town for business. No matter how much […]

Small Group Monday: Should We Take a Break Over the Summer?

Here in Nashville, Spring is in the air. Which means summer is right around the corner. So, what do you do with your small group over the summer? Recently, LifeWay’s Small Group Specialist Rick Howerton (@rickhowerton) participated in an online panel discussion hosted by where he dealt with that very question. His answers may […]

Why Groups Matter

Groups matter to the health of a local body of believers. All the research points to this truth: One of the most significant markers for the vitality of a church is the percentage of its members that are engaged in small groups. And LifeWay is committed to helping your church start new groups. Take 2 […]

Small Group Monday: Dealing With Discouragement as a Small Group Leader

Leading a small group week in and week out is tough. Every small group leader has times when they lose confidence in their leadership. But the greatest leaders are those who stay in the game, and figure out how to deal with a lack of confidence, and feelings of discouragement. In a recent blog post […]

Small Group Monday: The Illusion of Control

By Sam O’Neal There are a lot of challenging elements involved with leading a small group. For example, few leaders have much fun when it comes to choosing curriculum. It’s also tough to serve group members with strong personalities, and even finding enough group members to launch a group can be a difficult task right […]

Small Group Monday: Does Your Church “See Straight”?

This week on his blog, small group specialist Mark Howell  unpacks the fourth of five roadblocks to effective small group ministry: A myopic understanding of the culture. Myopia is a condition in which “poor focus results in defective vision.” In his article, Mark isn’t talking about a defective vision of the culture outside the church. His […]

Small Group Insights: 11 Things That Keep Groups From Working

In this blog post from, LifeWay’s small group specialist Rick Howerton outlines several issues that prevent small groups from clicking on all cylinders, and provides solutions for each trouble spot.

Small Group Monday: 6 Creative Ideas for Prayer Time

Stuck in a rut with your prayer time in your small group? Click here for six ideas from small group specialist Mark Howell to get your group unstuck.

Small Group Monday: Flexible Delivery

By Sam O’Neal Note: this is the final post in a series on the different features of Bible Studies for Life that make it ideally suited for group learning and transformation. Here are the previous entries: Closed Questions vs. Open Questions The Value of “The Point” Emphasizing the Visual For decades now, churches have had two primary […]