Be Strong And Courageous, Session 6 (Call Others to Step Forward): Seasons of a Leader’s Life


Excerpt from Seasons of a Leader’s Life by Jeff Iorg (B&H, 2013) Lesson 16 Serve Humbly   John 13:1–20 Jesus and the disciples gathered just before the Passover for their evening meal. During the meal, Jesus quietly slipped away from his place at the table, removed his robe, tied a towel around his waist, and […]

Be Strong And Courageous, Session 6 (Call Others to Step Forward): Passing the Baton

passing the baton

Can you imagine being Moses? You are in charge of 7 million people. God has commissioned you to be the leader, map reader, navigator, and encourager. All of the people are depending on you to chart their course and lead them in the right direction. Now, imagine you are finishing the course of leadership that […]

Be Strong And Courageous, Session 6 (Call Others to Step Forward): Unmasked

Unmasked: identifying the true heroes in your Life by Chris James I love superhero movies. And, I’m fairly indiscriminate about them too. Superman, Batman, Ironman, X-Men — I like them all. Maybe it stems from the consummate little boy inside of me. Or maybe it’s because I have a subconscious desire to leap tall buildings […]

Like Glue, Session 6 (Stick With Acceptance): Additional Questions

The Point: Strong relationships are not hindered by differences of opinion. Opening Question What do you like best about arguments and disagreements? When have you had to admit you were wrong? Complete this statement: Strong differences of opinion can lead to strong… Do you think a perfect world would be where people are all alike […]

Like No Other, Session 6 (Resurrected Like No Other): I Saw the Light


Why We’re Called to Illuminate Our World by Adam York Light is fascinating. It illuminates. It reveals. It clarifies. Often, we don’t appreciate the value of light until we’re stuck in a dark place without knowing the way out. (If you’ve ever played a game of Underground Church, you can definitely relate.) But light is […]

Like No Other, Session 6 (Resurrected Like No Other): Finding Hope In Life’s Saturdays


by PETE WILSON The Bible gives us many of the difficult details concerning the death of Jesus. From his hands and feet being nailed to the cross, to the soldiers gambling over his clothes. We’re told in the gospel of Matthew that “darkness fell across the whole land.” That was the first day, a dark […]

Like No Other, Session 6 (Resurrected Like No Other): Live It Out Option for Men

terra cotta_feat

Back in the 1950’s a massive earthquake shook China, and as a result, a huge boulder was dislodged from a mountain. It exposed a great cache of wonderful ancient artifacts over a thousand years old. A new world became visible. It was similar, but very, very different, when the stone was rolled away from Jesus’ […]

Ready, Session 6 (Ready When Pornography Controls): Additional Questions


The Point: Help others to practice purity. Opening Question As a child, what tempted you to take something that wasn’t yours? How do you decide whether movies or TV shows are inappropriate? What is one thing that you do when you are alone that you would never do in public? In what ways are we […]

Ready, Session 6 (Ready When Pornography Controls): Discussion Option for Parents


In advance, print several copies of this article from Focus on the Family. Plan on printing one copy for each discussion group you plan to have. Resisting the Power of Pornography To help parents discuss the effects of pornography on both their sons and their daughters, divide parents into groups of 4-5. Direct them to group […]

Ready, Session 6 (Ready When Pornography Controls): I’d Love You All Over Again


God can redeem a marriage … even one that’s ended in divorce. by Traylor Lovvorn I was completely caught off guard. Thinking that we were going to have lunch with friends, I didn’t question my wife, Melody, when she jumped into the driver’s seat. It was our fifth anniversary, and I probably should’ve been aware that […]