Connected, Session 5 (Connected in Service): All Additional Resources


  Here are two songs from LifeWay worship that have been selected to go along with the Connected study. They can both be found on BSFL Songs Volume 1: “This is Our Prayer” ties to the 2nd session on Ephesians 4:1-6 “Speak Through Me” ties to the 4th session on  Ephesians 4:25-32. Here are the magazine articles that […]

Connected, Session 5 (Connected in Service): Additional Questions


  The Point: Serving in the Church is not about what I want. Icebreaker What is something you have always wanted? What is something you always wanted and never got? What’s the toughest part of not getting what you want? What’s the toughest part of seeing others get their way? Ephesians 5:15-17 Why do our desires […]

Connected, Session 5 (Connected in Service): Can I Take Your Coats?


by Scott Penner These were the first words that greeted me as I, along with my family, entered Truro Alliance Church as a candidate for pastoral ministry.  Delbert, a quiet, unassuming senior, had his own way of making a person feel welcome. He was what you would call the head usher. However, when asked if […]

Connected, Session 5 (Connected in Service): All Excuses Ceasing


by Susan Childress This year, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated the 60th anniversary of her coronation. In 1953, she sent special invitations to the coronation. The invitations were inscribed, “all excuses ceasing.” In other words, there is no RSVP — you’re expected to be there, no excuses. Today, you are invited and expected to accept an […]

Connected Session 5 (Connected in Service): Put on a Yes Face


by Steve Rogers A friend once told me he could classify every person he met into one of two categories — those with a yes face and those with a no face. Intrigued with his assertion, I immediately set out to put it to the test. For the next month, every time I walked through […]

Connected, Session 5 (Connected in Service): Gifts


By Michael Kelley My kids love getting gifts. (I guess that whole “blessed is the giver” thing hasn’t caught on yet.) My son likes Legos®, light sabers, and baseball bats. He could care less about getting clothes. In a big stack of presents, he’ll open a package of socks, nod politely, and then quickly throw […]

Connected, Session 5 (Connected in Service): Live it Out Option For Boomers


  Katie Davis is a young woman from Tennessee who has answered the call to serve in Uganda. She has extended her view of church membership to those in greatest need. Watch her story below. If you do not see the video, click here to view on YouTube   Our generation, the Boomers, is often thought […]

Connected, Session 5 (Connected in Service): Live It Out Option for Parent’s groups


  As group members consider different ways to serve in the church, encourage them to also consider ways their families can serve together. For example, more and more families are participating in short-term mission projects that allow the whole family to participate. Share this news story of Families on Mission: Needs met, lives changed through family […]

Connected, Session 5 (Connected in Service): Live It Out Option for Singles and Collegiates


  To conclude today’s session, share the following article, “The Transformative Power of Serving Others” Remind class members that, while most of us cannot leave our jobs or quit going to classes in order to serve for 30 days in 30 different ways, there are certainly a great amount of needs surrounding each of us. We […]

Resilient Faith, Session 5 (Joyful Faith): All Additional Resources


  We are pleased to offer suggested music for each session. These are links to purchase the songs on iTunes, as well as links to, which provides lead sheets, accompaniment tracks, and other resources for certain songs. Click here for Suggested music for the Resilient Faith unit Here are the magazine articles that were selected […]