Awake, Session 1 (Return to God): The Brother of Jesus

America’s favorite inspirational storyteller depicts the pain and joy of being part of the family of God’s Son. by Karen Kingsbury E ver have a family member you just didn’t believe? It didn’t matter if he told the truth all the time; he just said things that seemed, well, mad. In The Family of Jesus […]

Awake, Session 1 (Return to God): The Need to Let Things Go

The Need to Let Things Go By Mike Glenn OCTOBER is a fickle month. Depending on the day, and sometimes even the time of day, the temperature can vary 30 or 40 degrees. During the day, it’ll be in the upper 60s or 70s, and in the evening, it’ll be in the 30s. If you […]

Awake, Session 1 (Return to God): Leave Everything Behind

Click here for LifeWay Worship’s “Leave Everything Behind” from Bible Studies for Life Songs, vol. I

Be Strong And Courageous, Session 1 (Accept Your Leadership Role): Taking up the Mantle

  Taking Up The Mantle Anne Graham Lotz encourages us to pass our faith from generation to generation. by DIANA CHANDLER ANNE GRAHAM LOTZ didn’t realize she had missed anything growing up as the child of Billy Graham until she married and saw her husband, Danny Lotz, interact with their three children. As a dentist, […]

Be Strong And Courageous, Session 1 (Accept Your Leadership Role): Being a Leader and How it Happens

Being a Leader and How It Happens The first leadership role I remember being elected or selected to was president of my church youth group. I don’t think there were any formal duties and the biggest qualification, it seemed, was to not be afraid to get up front, tell everyone to be quiet, and make some […]

Be Strong And Courageous, Session 1 (Accept Your Leadership Role): Lessons From a Mentor

I AM WRITING this column about one week after I learned that one of my professional mentors has announced his retirement. As his friend and coworker, I have watched him live his faith in his home and in his ministry. He is for me what a mentor ought to be: someone who so walks with God that you want to […]

Like Glue, Session 1 (Stick With Love): Healing Love

by STEPHANIE SUMMERS Let me tell you about my beautiful, wonderful grandson. Joseph Gage (we call him Gage) came into our world on a mild January day. There he was, my Floridian grandson, joining ranks with my two older grandchildren who lived in Illinois. My first week with the little guy was spent helping out […]

Like Glue, Session 1 (Stick With Love): True Colors

BY MICHAEL KELLEY The greatest mark of those who follow Christ is love. Certain patterns of behavior are associated with discipleship or growing in maturity in our relationship with Christ. These patterns, classically called spiritual disciplines, are the means of grace God has given us that help us to develop intimacy with Him. But I’ve […]

Like Glue, Session 1 (Stick With Love): Afloat and Alone

BY MICHAEL KELLEY When you start to drift, fight the current, and get back to Jesus. “We must, therefore, pay even more attention to what we have heard, so that we will not drift away” (Hebrews 2:1). I don’t spend a lot of time on boats, but whenever I find myself on the water, I’m […]

Like Glue, Session 1 (Stick With Love): Additional Questions

The Point: Let love permeate every relationship Opening Question Would you rather eat stale bread or drink day-old coffee? What could use a little “freshening up” in your life? Who was your first good friend in elementary school and what made you become friends? What was the first birthday party you were invited to attend […]