From the Editor: Sheltered in God’s Forgiveness


This article originally appeared on on December 2, 2014. Have you ever been faced with the need to extend forgiveness but you didn’t really want to? Has the wound ever been so deep and the grief so painful it felt as though holding the grudge was actually a healing balm rather than the poison it is? […]

From the Editor: Sheltered in God’s Salvation


This article was originally posted on on November 25, 2014 Have you ever been caught walking in a rainstorm without an umbrella? Do we not all begin looking for big trees, doorways, or awnings to stand under to avoid being drenched? I could have used that this past week as I attended our University […]

From the Editor: Sheltered by God’s Presence

rain and thunderstorm

This post originally appeared on on November 18, 2014.  Where do you go when bad times come? Are you overwhelmed? Do you feel like the end is near? Do you sometimes feel one step away from doom? You are not alone. Literally. The child of God is never abandoned. God is always near His […]

From the Editor: Ministry Among Those With Mental Health Issues

mental illness_feat

Note: This blog post corresponds to the special focus session for this unit. It was originally published on on September 30.  The evangelical world mourned in April 2013 with the news that Rick and Kay Warren’s son, Matthew, had committed suicide. News that Matthew had dealt with mental illness his entire life caused many […]

From the Editor: Overcoming the Wrong Mindset


Originally published on September 23, 2014 on Has anything ever happened to you that you thought was bad when it happened, but realized later it had happened for good? Have you ever had an experience like Job where you lost everything only to find God sufficient? Have you ever had an experience like Joseph […]

From the Editor: Overcoming Bitterness


Originally posted on September 16, 2014 at Satan is alive and well, always strategizing to bring you down. One of his greatest ways to attack us is by convincing us that that being bitter is acceptable. Yet here is reality: “As you go through the emotions that we have, hostility is not from God; […]

From the Editor: God is Working Even When Things Are Falling Apart

Depressing economy news

Originally posted on on September 9, 2014 “Sometimes we can see a crisis looming in the distance. Yet other times we’re caught totally off guard by something huge that changes our lives in a moment. Thankfully, that’s not the case for God. No matter how shocked we may feel in moments of crisis, He’s […]

From the Editor: Others May Forget You, But God Never Does


This article originally appeared on September 2, 2014 on Dr. Ronnie Floyd’s blog, at Have you ever forgotten something you just purchased? Ever been talking on the phone while collecting change from a cashier then walked out of the store leaving your purchase in the checkout line? Have you ever gone to a store […]

From the Editor: 4 Truthful Realities That Will Help Us Overcome Temptation


Do you ever find yourself wishing all temptations would just come to an end? Maybe sin would be a little easier to ignore if not for the temptation to give in to it. Sin and temptation go hand-in-hand. Temptation without the accompanying sin has no allure. This week on the blog, Dr. Ronnie Floyd, General […]

From the Editor: Betrayal is Not the End


This week, many small groups will begin a new Bible Studies For Life series, Overcome: Living Beyond Your Circumstances. It is a six-session study on the life of the Old Testament character Joseph. Since the story of Joseph’s betrayal at the hands of his brothers (Genesis 37:12-27) is foundational to everything else that happens in the […]