From the Editor: Faith that Is Active

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In a recent blog post, General Editor Dr. Ronnie Floyd talked about the difference between “passive faith” and active faith: There are many who claim Christ in the same way they claim to be fans of a particular sports team. They are “Christian” because they are not Muslim, Hindu, or Atheist. There’s got to be […]

From the Editor: The Focus of Our Faith


Many small groups using Bible Studies For Life are beginning a brand new series this week, Resilient Faith by Mary Jo Sharp. Read what General Editor Dr. Ronnie Floyd has to say about the focus of our faith, and why “just believe” has never been an adequate solution for anybody.  Read more.  

From the Editor: Our God is Faithful


Our prayer, as many of you conclude the six session study Beyond Belief: Exploring the Character of God this week, is that you have discovered or been reminded of the amazing, rich character of the God we serve. He is holy, loving, just, forgiving, and wise. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to attempt to […]

From the Editor: Seeking the Wisdom of God


Session 5 of  Beyond Belief: Exploring the Character of God  is called “God is Wise.” Who doesn’t need wisdom in their lives? Every day, over four billion online searches are made. But are we any wiser? Do we know how to wisely use that knowledge? Technology cannot deliver to us what God can. God is […]

From the Editor: The #1 Obstacle to Spiritual Renewal

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Session 4 of  Beyond Belief: Exploring the Character of God  is called “God is Forgiving.” Of the 6 character traits of God we will study in this series, “forgiveness” may be the one we desire the most in others and often find least in ourselves. As Dr. Floyd, General Editor of Bible Studies for Life notes in […]

From the Editor: The Holiness of God


We begin the Beyond Belief: Exploring the Character of God study by examining what is arguably the most defining aspect of God’s character: His holiness. General Editor Dr. Ronnie Floyd points out that “In the King James Version, holiness is referenced more than 400 times in the Old Testament and another 181 times in the New Testament. Some of these […]

From the Editor: Sharing Hope


This week, many of you are bringing the “Let Hope In” study to a close. We hope it has been a blessing to you! Session 6 is entitled, “Hope Shared.” The Point is, “After finding hope in Christ, we must share it with others.” Our general editor, Dr. Ronnie Floyd, uses a little-known story from […]

From the Editor: 4 Reminders to Keep Us Expressing Hope


  Pete Wilson, the writer of the Let Hope In Bible study, says, We may not be ungrateful, but we can forget to be grateful. We get used to the things we’ve been given, and we begin to take them for granted. Believers can do that in their relationship with Christ. The longer we have […]

From the Editor: Our Hope is a Person


As many of you prepare for Session 3 of the “Let Hope In” study (Session 10 if you are using Bible Studies For Life: Senior Adults or Bible Studies For Life: Adults, King James Version), you already know the theme for the session is “Hope Personified,” and that it looks at one of Jesus’ best-known […]

From the Editor: Thanking God For Rest


We wrap up our “Productive” study with a session about rest. The Point of the session is, “Rest is a gift from God for His glory and our benefit.” We know that one of the 10 Commandments is “Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy.” So what does that mean? Does it just mean […]