Small Group Monday: 5 Dangerous Myths about Church-Wide Campaigns


Don’t get us wrong: We are fans of church-wide campaigns—those regular points in the church calendar in which every age group is studying the same thing, the pastor is reinforcing the small group emphases from the pulpit, and maybe even the choir and worship teams are lined up singing songs that support the theme. Bible […]

Small Group Monday: If I Was Starting Today


A phrase in a current car commercial caught my ear while I was watching TV last night: “If the automobile had been invented today, it would have been electric.” I don’t know if that’s an accurate statement or not. Still, thinking through what you would do differently if you were creating something today is a […]

Small Group Monday: Mark Howell on Recovering Redemption


This week on his blog, small group specialist Mark Howell reviews Matt Chandler’s latest small group resource, Recovering Redemption. Chandler, lead pastor of The Village Church in Dallas, Texas, has authored a number of books and resources for small groups, including To Live is Christ  and  The Explicit Gospel.   Read Mark’s blog here.

Small Group Monday: Mark Howell on Small Group Mythbusters


Today on his blog, small group expert Mark Howell talks about 5 small group ministry myths that need busting. He lists all five, but really unpacks the first one: An important key to growing the number of groups in your small group ministry is for every leader to have an apprentice. So, does every small […]

Small Group Monday: Would You Rather


In a recent blog post, small group specialist Mark Howell played an intriguing game of Would You Rather, posing this question: Would you rather connect more people of make more disciples?  It’s a great question because it pits two valuable outcomes against each other. Which is more desirable? What would you say? Share your thoughts […]

Small Group Monday: 5 Blatantly Obvious Truths about Starting New Groups


In a recent blog post, Small Group Specialist Mark Howell addressed an “elephant in the room” when it comes to starting new groups: leaders see the need for them, but there is often resistance to them among church members. What’s a leader to do? Click here to read five truths that should go without saying, […]

Small Group Monday: Does Your Church “See Straight”?


This week on his blog, small group specialist Mark Howell  unpacks the fourth of five roadblocks to effective small group ministry: A myopic understanding of the culture. Myopia is a condition in which “poor focus results in defective vision.” In his article, Mark isn’t talking about a defective vision of the culture outside the church. His […]

Small Group Monday: 6 Creative Ideas for Prayer Time


Stuck in a rut with your prayer time in your small group? Click here for six ideas from small group specialist Mark Howell to get your group unstuck.

Small Group Monday: 5 Myths that Keep Churches from Starting New Groups


Today on his blog, small group expert Mark Howell talks about “tall tales and downright whoppers” that keep churches from launching new groups. Read his list and his responses, and see how many of them your church has bought in to. Remember, it is the nature of healthy things to grow! Read more… 

Small Group Insights: What’s In a Name?

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This week, Bible Studies For Life’s small group advisor Mark Howell asks, “What do you call your leaders?” Does it matter whether you refer to them as “teachers,” “leaders,” “shepherds,” “hosts,” or something else? Actually it does. Language shapes perception, and on his blog, Mark helps us navigate the nuances of what each term means. […]