What If I Don’t Have All the Answers?

As teachers and ministers we’re supposed to have the answers, right? While that’s certainly an ambitious goal to have, it’s not true to life. Furthermore, the problem with the “only ask questions with straight-forward answers” mentality of leadership is that it holds little water for young adults. They know better than to assume life is […]

About That Week When (Almost) No One Showed Up

One of my early experiences leading a Bible study group came when the leader asked me to lead in his absence. I was glad to, and boy, did I prepare. So imagine my excitement when Sunday morning came, I arrived with notes in hand, and … ONLY ONE PERSON SHOWED UP. Ever had a similar […]

Tuesday is For Leaders: How to Celebrate Your Group Members Who Serve

By Jason McNair This post originally appeared on Sundayschoolleader.com on August 28, 2011.   As a missionary serving in Utah and Idaho, I am in an area where there is a predominant religion different from my own. This religion permeates much of the culture in the area.  One of the things they are recognized for is sending […]

Why Silence is Golden…Especially 20 Seconds of It

  By Ken Braddy When you lead a Bible study group, one of the most effective ways to help group members engage in the study is to ask compelling questions.  Jesus asked questions when he taught.  “Who do people say I am?” was followed up with “Who do you say I am?”  (see Matt. 16:13-15). […]

Leader Tips Tuesday: Mobilizing Your Young Adult Small Group to Meet Real World Problems

Fair trade coffee. The “End It Now” campaign. Racial reconciliation. Protecting the planet. The spoken gospel. Hunger. Disease. Poverty. Sex trafficking. The list could go on and on. One of the most difficult parts of being involved in areas of responsibility is getting past the intimidating nature of the problems of the world. If you […]

Ruts We Fall Into, and How to Avoid Them

  Today on the Sunday School Leader blog, Darryl Wilson, Sunday School & Discipleship Consultant for the Kentucky Baptist Convention, expands on the ruts David Francis and Ken Braddy discuss in their book 3 Roles For Guiding Groups (available as a free download). He also gives practical advice for how to get out of the ruts, or […]

Should I Divide My Bible Study Groups by Demographics?

“Start a new group.” “Groups matter.” “Form groups of no more than four people, and discuss the following questions…” Those of us who develop small group Bible studies are constantly encouraging you to start new groups in your church. Most of you would agree that starting new groups is vital to the health of your […]

Lessons Learned from Watching My Sunday School Teachers

By James Jackson For the past year, I’ve been a member of a Sunday School class. It’s the first time in over a decade I’ve been a group member and not a teacher. Most of the time, what prompts me to get back into teaching (other than the desperate, puppy-dog eyes of the Minister of […]

Young Adults: Make Sure Fun is On Your Summer Schedule

by Jim Johnston It’s almost summer and you may be planning what’s going to happen in the young adult ministry in your church this fall. You may be totally focused on all matters of high spiritual value. Let me give you one word of advice: build in some fun. Here’s why: The people you are […]

“I Don’t Have Time to Lead a Bible Study Group”

By Karen Dockrey I tend to learn more about the Bible when I prepare to lead a group, than when I just attend group. But preparation takes so much time that I don’t know when I’ll get my Saturday chores done, my regular errands completed, or my work-and-home responsibilities fulfilled.  Maybe I’d better turn down […]