“I Don’t Have Time to Lead a Bible Study Group”


By Karen Dockrey I tend to learn more about the Bible when I prepare to lead a group, than when I just attend group. But preparation takes so much time that I don’t know when I’ll get my Saturday chores done, my regular errands completed, or my work-and-home responsibilities fulfilled.  Maybe I’d better turn down […]

4 Ways to use Magazine Articles in your Group


One of the new features in Bible Studies For Life is the inclusion of an excerpt from an article found in one of LifeWay’s magazines; the article relates to the Bible study session and is intended to be read by group members, typically after the Bible study session. As the saying goes, “There’s a lot […]

Fill in the Blank: Ten Things I WILL do When I Lead a Bible Study


Prior to a recent highly viewed professional football game (guess which one), players wrote their response to a statement such as the following: When I play in the game, I WILL ________. Their responses helped me think about us as leaders of a Bible study group. What could we write to fill in the blank? When I lead […]

Tuesday is For Tips: What’s the most effective way to do evangelism with young adults?


The simple truth of the gospel does not change—Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died as a sacrifice so that we might be put in right relationship with God. Though this truth is timeless, we must always evaluate the presentation of that truth to make sure it’s connecting in a culturally relevant way. There are […]

Tuesday is for Tips: The Five Stages of Mentoring


I was twelve years old when I was partnered with I.B. Melton for Tuesday Night Visitation at our little church in Pine Lake, Georgia.  I.B. was one of the oldest men in our church. I never saw him wearing anything other than a three piece, navy blue suit. Nor did I ever see him stay […]

Tuesday is for Tips: 10 Reasons You Should Pay Attention to the “New Seniors”


In a recent two-part blog post, Ken Braddy, Manager of Adult Ongoing Bible Studies, talked about the “new seniors”—adults aged 65 and up who make up the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. population. Is your church ready for them? As Ken points out in Part 1 of his post, if churches assume they are “just […]

Tuesday is for Tips: Using the Leader book AND Personal Study Guide to Prepare and to Lead

study prep_feat

As we field questions about the new Bible Studies for Life—from email, phone calls, and on the blog—we have often encountered group leaders who wonder if they will still need a Personal Study Guide (PSG) if they have the Leader Guide. Does the Leader Guide have all the information the PSG does? If not, why […]

Keeping Track of Your Group’s Prayer Requests Just Got Easier!


There are lots of new great features in the Bible Studies For Life Personal Study Guide / Small Group Member Book,  but one that has received praise at sneak-peak events happens to be among my favorites.  The Personal Study Guide was intentionally designed with features that would make it, well, personal. One of those features is […]

3 Things Your Group Wants You To Know (But They’re Afraid to Tell You)


For those who lead small groups and Sunday School classes, understanding the group dynamic is essential for healthy, successful growth. To have a thriving group, leaders should consistently assess their methods and adjust when necessary. Here are a few things the participants in your group want you to know, but may be afraid to tell […]