I Don’t Have Time to Lead a Bible Study Group, Part 2


You’ve been asked to lead a Bible study group. But preparation takes so much time that you wonder if you’ll shortchange my other commitments. If you’re like most believers, this dilemma sounds very familiar. Your life is already full of good responsibilities. So here are a few more time-finders, to go along with the list we compiled […]

What 10 Days on a Tour Bus in Israel Taught Me About Bible Studies For Life

2014 israel trip 112_feat

By David Francis My wife Vickie and I just returned from an unforgettable tour of Israel. We walked and sailed and stood and talked in the places Christ walked and sailed and stood and talked. We did so as a part of what became a community group called “Bus #2!” Our community enjoyed the tour […]

5 Rules for Using Online Tools in Young Adult Ministry


Social networking can be a powerful tool for building community in your young adult ministry. The Internet continues to push the limits of what ministries are able to do online, which is a wonderful thing. It can also be a bit overwhelming, with hundreds of social networking sites available now and increasing daily. With all of […]

“I Don’t Have Time to Lead a Bible Study Group”


By Karen Dockrey I tend to learn more about the Bible when I prepare to lead a group, than when I just attend group. But preparation takes so much time that I don’t know when I’ll get my Saturday chores done, my regular errands completed, or my work-and-home responsibilities fulfilled.  Maybe I’d better turn down […]

Moving Beyond Friendly


By Lynn Pryor Last year, my wife and I were on a journey of seeking a church home. We determined not to just jump into the first church; we would visit a myriad of churches, see what God was doing, and determine the best place to serve. This journey began each week by visiting a […]

Tuesday is for Tips: The Five Stages of Mentoring


I was twelve years old when I was partnered with I.B. Melton for Tuesday Night Visitation at our little church in Pine Lake, Georgia.  I.B. was one of the oldest men in our church. I never saw him wearing anything other than a three piece, navy blue suit. Nor did I ever see him stay […]

5 Gifts You Can Give Your Group (Part 1)


It’s the Christmas season, and so gift-giving is on everybody’s mind. Have you thought about what gift you can give the adults in the group you lead? No, we don’t mean a Starbucks card for everyone in your group (although it couldn’t hurt!) But realize that the group you lead is itself a gift from […]

5 Gifts You Can Give Your Group, Part 2 (BONUS: Free ebook download!)


This is the second of a two part article by David Apple, Adult Ministry Specialist at LifeWay. Click here for Part One Recall from the last post the first three gifts you can give the group you lead: The gift of friendship The gift of preparation The gift of expectancy Here are the last two […]

Chasing Wabbits

chasing rabbit_feat

“Be vewy quiet. I’m hunting wabbits.” Elmer Fudd has sat in my group. And he may have sat in yours. You know the person I’m talking about. Let’s say your group is digging into one of Jesus’ parables. Elmer asks the question, “So, do you think there were dinosaurs on the ark?” (Don’t laugh. This […]

5 Tips for the 5 Questions

Questions and Answers signpost

Integral to every Bible Studies for Life session are five key questions. Using questions is more than just asking them and waiting. So… 1. Vary the way you open with a question. No group member (or leader) wants the group to start the same way week-after-week. So interchange the ways you start discussion: Write it –on a poster, a […]