Spiritual Maturity: A Tale of Two Vertebrates


Recently, I was leading a large group of adults in a study of 1 Corinthians 3, in which Paul bemoans the lack of spiritual maturity in the church. So I asked the group three questions: What are the marks of spiritual maturity? How long does it take?  Do you consider yourself spiritually mature? I wrote […]

Leader Tips Tuesday: Staying Connected


By Jeffrey Holder Content Editor, Bible Studies for Life: Senior Adults Have you ever lost a connection with someone? It may be that you simply parted ways years ago after college or following service in the military or your family just moved to a different town. You may have thought I wonder whatever happened to […]

For the Leader: Can I Really Be Holy?


By Jeffrey Holder,  Content Editor, Bible Studies for Life: Senior Adults As we began our latest session in Bible Studies for Life, we were asked to consider this question: What are some things the average person considers holy or sacred? I imagine a lot of people would not put Christians on their lists. Of course, […]

Why Silence Is Your Unexpected Friend


By Sam O’Neal Here’s a scenario most group leaders have experienced: you come across a great question in your study material. It’s a real doozy of a discussion starter—deep, poignant, and winsomely phrased. You simply can’t wait to unleash this momentous query the next time your group gets together. When you actually ask the question, […]

Small Group Monday: Ministering to Different Personalities in your Group


By Sam O’Neal One of the elements I find most fascinating about small groups is that they are made up almost entirely of human beings. (Think about that one for a second.) Small groups can offer interesting and diverse experiences because people are interesting and diverse. People are different, and in most cases those differences […]

How Do I Lead a Group with Differing Levels of Spiritual Maturity?


Excerpt from Context: Engaging the Young Adults of Your Community, Session 3 “Community” (Nashville, LifeWay Press, 2009), 19. This resource is available as a FREE ebook download. Click here to get the book!     Help! Our group is diverse. We have all levels of spiritual maturity. How can I prepare and lead the discussion to engage […]

Why Do You Teach the Way You Teach?

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  Recently, our Bible Studies For Life editorial team had some training with Dr. Ken Coley, who has served on the faculty of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary since 1996. The first question Dr. Coley asked us is, “Why do you teach the way you do?” The overwhelming response from those of us who develop Bible […]

Multiplication by Division

cell division_feat

The new small groups pastor stood in front of our Sunday school class. He had been making the rounds of adult classes in our church, introducing himself and sharing his vision for small group ministry. He acknowledged right off the bat that he was using “small group” and “Sunday School” interchangeably. “Don’t worry,” he reassured […]

I Don’t Have Time to Lead a Bible Study Group, Part 2


You’ve been asked to lead a Bible study group. But preparation takes so much time that you wonder if you’ll shortchange my other commitments. If you’re like most believers, this dilemma sounds very familiar. Your life is already full of good responsibilities. So here are a few more time-finders, to go along with the list we compiled […]

What 10 Days on a Tour Bus in Israel Taught Me About Bible Studies For Life

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By David Francis My wife Vickie and I just returned from an unforgettable tour of Israel. We walked and sailed and stood and talked in the places Christ walked and sailed and stood and talked. We did so as a part of what became a community group called “Bus #2!” Our community enjoyed the tour […]