Honest to God, Session 6: All Additional Resources

Here are the magazine articles that were selected to go along with this session: For users of Bible Studies For Life: Adults— A Shoulder to Lean On and Bible Studies For Life: Young Adults— When Suffering Comes For users of Bible Studies For Life: Senior Adults: Why This Sad Day?  For users of Bible Studies For Life: Adults […]

From the Editor: If God is Good, Why Do People Suffer?

We wrap up our six session unit, Honest to God: Real Questions People Ask with a question people have been asking for centuries: “If God is good, why do people suffer?” It’s a question that comes up with every natural disaster, school shooting, and wartime atrocity. If God could stop it, but chose not to, then […]

Honest to God, Session 6: Current Events Connection

To help discuss the session topic, “Why Does God Allow People to Suffer?” share this article from Baptist Press (You may print copies of article for members of your group.) Warren forgives seller of gun in son’s suicide, posts string of reflections on Twitter Explain that Rick Warren is the well-known pastor of Saddleback Church, […]

Honest to God, Session 6: A Shoulder to Lean On

By Amy Fenton Lee Supporting Friends with a special needs diagnosis Lacking confidence for the right words, people often shy away from parents in the midst of receiving a special needs diagnosis. After interviewing a number of mothers of children affected by special needs, common pointers emerge to help caring friends better engage these families. […]

Honest to God, Session 6: Hard Cuts

by Leighann McCoy Growing up, I consulted my mood ring to gauge my happiness. But dark days have taught me that while happiness is wonderful, holiness is life’s goal. Born at the tail end of the Boomer generation, I saw civil rights advance, the anti-war movement begin, mistrust of government grow, and the women’s rights […]

Honest to God Session 6: Live It Out Option for parents’ groups

You know someone who is hurting and who needs to know the truth: God loves them and meets them in their suffering. Your kids know them, too. Everyone has to deal with crises in life, including Christians. And sometimes, the reality of life can seem unbearable. A new documentary, Hope For Hurting Hearts, tells the stories […]

Honest to God, Session 6: Live It Out Option for Women’s Groups

To close your discussion, play the following clip of a teenager questioning God’s existence. If you do not see the clip below, click here to view the clip on Bluefishtv.com Ask: Do you identify with this teenager? Are his concerns valid? What answers possibly have fallen short with this teenager? What if the boy in […]

Honest to God, Session 6: When Suffering Comes

by Allison Vesterfelt For the past few months, I’ve been in pain. Some days it’s a dull pain — a casual ache that starts in my neck and finds it way into my arm, over my elbow, down my forearm, and into the tips of my fingers. Other days, it follows the same path, but […]

Honest to God, Session 6: Introduction Option for Men

As a introduction option for today’s session on how God meets us in our times of suffering, ask the men to talk about some of the scars they may have. If appropriate, allow a few volunteers to show their scars and explain how they got them. Point out that some scars are the results of […]

Honest to God, Session 6: Why This Sad Day?

By Robertson McQuilken “Dad, Bob’s been in a terrible accident. Please pray.”  Susan’s voice was controlled, but fear lurked around the border of her words. Her husband — our 36-year-old son — had rented a diving suit to go deep into Lake Michigan to photograph a famous shipwreck for a national magazine. The suit proved […]