Do Over, Session 4: All Additional Resources

Here are the magazine articles that were selected to go along with this session: For users of Bible Studies For Life: Adults and Bible Studies For Life: Young Adults— Cut to the Chase For users of Bible Studies For Life: Senior Adults and Bible Studies For Life: Adults (KJV)—  The Lady Was A Tramp Bonus Article for any […]

From The Editor: Identity Crisis?

This week, Dr. Ronnie Floyd writes about the increase in identity theft cases in the United states. According to a 2011 report by the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, around seven in 100 families in the U.S. were affected by identity theft in 2010. The same report defines identity theft as “the unauthorized use or attempted misuse […]

Do Over Session 4, Live It Out Option for Women’s Groups

Ask your group to guess the 10 most common addictions. If they guess all or most of them, challenge them to order them from most to least common. Here is the list, taken from Alcohol Smoking Drugs Gambling Food Video Games Internet Sex Shopping Work Ask: What do you imagine life is like for an […]

Do Over, Session 4: The Lady Was a Tramp

By Gary Griffin The lady used to be a tramp. Lady the dog, that is. Lady, our golden retriever, to be more precise.  Lady was once a farm dog. She slept, played, ate, and roamed outside. She roamed a lot, sometimes for days, answering to a call from some primitive instinct. Slowly, she became half […]

Do Over, Session 4: Current Events Connection

On December 5, one of the most respected figures of the 20th century, Nelson Mandela, passed away at the age of 95. The story of the former South African President, who spent nearly 3 decades as a prisoner under apartheid, yet worked tirelessly for reconciliation between black and white South Africans when he was released, […]

Do Over, Session 4: Cut to the Chase

 By Jennie Allen  Your true identity is found in who God says you are. Identity crisis. It’s easy to have one because we build our identities on things that move — things that aren’t dependable or constant. We chase the wrong things. To chase the heart of God, we must first figure out what other […]

Do Over Session 4: Introduction Option for Men

To introduce this week’s lesson on “An Identity You Must Embrace,” encourage men to share about times when they were mistaken for someone else. Ask: How did you respond? When have you made a similar mistake toward someone else? Point out that mistaken identities can be embarrassing. Note that even celebrities are not immune from […]

Do Over, Session 4: Conclusion Option for any group

Circle back to the question we began this session with: “If you could be somebody else for a day, who would you be?” Share the following parable: Once upon a time there was a stonecutter. He lived all alone. Though he had great skills, he was very poor. He lived in a tiny bamboo hut […]

Do Over Session 4: Live it Out Option for parents’ groups

To introduce the topic of “An Identity You Must Embrace” with the parents in your group, lead them to think about one word that describes who they are in relationship to Christ. Listen for someone to say “servant.” We don’t choose Christ as our master because we have no choice. We don’t obey Him out […]