Strengthening Families: Like Building a Cathedral

“Many families want to live biblical lives on a daily basis. They simply don’t know how.”

—Ron Edmondson, Pastor, Immanuel Baptist Church, Lexington, KY

In the Middle Ages, cathedrals were being built all over Europe with the same enthusiasm as people are building KFC’s in China today. But whereas a new KFC opens in China every twelve hours, it took decades—sometimes even centuries— for a cathedral to be built. Master builders, stone masons and carpenters began the work, knowing that it would not be completed in their lifetimes. So what did they do? They passed their skills, their plans, and their tools on to their children. And they were confident that what they were building would stand for a thousand years or more—maybe even until Christ returned.

As followers of Jesus, we are engaged in building something that will take longer than our own lifetimes to complete: The kingdom of God. And so it’s vital that we pass our skills, our plans, and our tools on to our sons and daughters. And we don’t have the option of simply delegating this responsibility to the local church. Deuteronomy 6 makes it clear: it’s our job as parents.

The new Bible Studies For Life makes three promises to church leaders. The second is that it is a small group Bible study designed to Strengthen Families. This Wednesday, May 8, join us for a free webcast from 12:00-12:30 Central time. You will hear from influential church leaders Pete WilsonRon EdmondsonRonnie Floyd, and Eric Geiger who are helping to shape the Bible Studies For Life curriculum. Tune in as they share about how this exciting small group resource will help churches strengthen families, and give parents the resources they need to build something for eternity.

Sign up for the webcast by clicking here, and we’ll see you Wednesday!

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