Spring 2014: Kids (Grades 1-6) Extra Helps and Bonus Easter Sessions

Spring 2014: Grades 1-6 Leader Extras

 Unit 1: Working Hard*

Session 1: The First Workers (3/2/14)

Session 2: Hard Work (3/9/14)

Session 3: Give (3/16/14)

Session 4: Invest (3/23/14)

Session 5: Build (3/30/14)

Session 6: Rest (4/6/14)

 Unit 2: Let Hope In*

 Session 1: People Need Hope (4/13/14)

OPTIONAL: Triumphal Entry (Grades 1-3 Activity Pages, Grades 4-6 Activity Pages)


Crucifixion and Resurrection (4/20/13)

 Session 2: Jesus Gave Hope (4/27/14)

OPTIONAL: Two Men Saw Jesus

Session 3: We Have Hope (5/4/14)

Session 4: Give Thanks for Hope (5/11/14)

Session 5: Hope Again and Again (5/18/14)

Session 6: Sharing Hope (5/25/14)


  1. Jeff–
    Thank you so much for the extras. I am telling others to connect to this page so they have plenty of options for their teachers. Thanks again for all you and the editors at LifeWay are doing to help us teach our kiddos.
    Mr. Mark

  2. When I clicked on the link for the activity pages for the triumphal entry lesson a error page came up saying I was denied access. Am I missing something?

  3. Jeff Land says:

    I’m sorry, Amy. We’ve had people really like it and people who really don’t. Hopefully you will see a unit you love really soon.

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